Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals Part 1: Tools to Promote Financial Adaptability— 2017 Six-Part Webinar Series

Feb 21, 2017 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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This series first prepares participants with the basics, including an explanation of nonprofit financial systems, and a crash course in reading financial statements. Participants are then introduced to key management tools that allow leaders to plan proactively as they support their communities amid funding uncertainty. Click here to see a more detailed description of each session.

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Assessing Nonprofit Financial Health, 2/21

Understand baseline indicators of financial health, the integral basics of nonprofit finance, and how to assess your organization’s financial position by interpreting core financial statements.

Budgeting as a Communication Tool, 2/28

Review key budget terms and concepts; then, learn how to prepare a budget that communicates your organization’s financial needs by covering both core and advanced approaches, such as full cost.

Assessing Program Profitability, 3/7

Apply case studies to learn how NFF’s Program Profitability Model can provide a clear understanding of your individual program’s profit or loss and their relation to other programs, and how this assessment can be used to make real-time adjustments.

Planning for a Range of Scenarios, 3/14

Explore several planning methods to assess revenue and expenses, a crucial tool in preparing for what lies ahead. Key topics include risk assessment and how to prepare for multiple outcomes in one or multiple years.

Managing to a Dashboard, 3/21

Discover two core types of organizational dashboards that help measure progress against goals and manage uncertainty, and learn how to engage in thoughtful conversations about your nonprofit’s financial situation with a variety of audiences before reaching a crisis point.

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