2019 UNA Annual Nonprofit Conference: CONNECT NOW!

Thank you to everyone for attending this year's conference! We had an amazing day. See you next year!


We are UNA! We are a community of nonprofits. We are good people doing good work for good causes.

We will gather at the UNA Annual Nonprofit Conference: Connect NOW! on September 26, 2019 to learn, celebrate, and connect with each other.

UNA’s 2019 Annual Nonprofit Conference: Connect NOW! strengthens, celebrates, and unites Utah’s nonprofit community. Connect NOW! combines nonprofit staff, leaders, board members, and people who just generally love the nonprofit world with practical, proven solutions for the challenges we face each day and offers us new perspectives on our missions, our organizations, and our communities. The conference celebrates the good in all of us by honoring an Outstanding Nonprofit Leader and an Emerging Nonprofit Leader. Come together at the conference to reaffirm personal connections and forge new, edifying relationships and leave with a sense of belonging and a deeper sense of purpose.