UNA Nonprofit Organizational Credential: Finance and Legal

Nov 02, 2018 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Finance and Legal course is one of nine offerings in UNA's Nonprofit Organizational Credential Program. This program is designed to assist you in the development of organizational capacity for your nonprofit. Your successful completion of the course will earn your organization a credential, awarded in the form of a badge. This badge is a mark of organizational commitment to capacity and sustainability. Once you earn it, we will send you a press kit to communicate your organization's very real achievement.

We present this course in three phases.
Phase One: The initial part of Finance and Legal consists of two classroom sessions. Our Subject matter experts (SME’s) will engage you and other nonprofit professionals with an intermediate level of material presented in class and as homework. You’ll work with other nonprofit professionals and emerge with a deeper understanding of this subject area.
Phase Two: In the second part of the course, you will begin to apply what you’ve learned to your organization. You’ll participate in a workshop – which lets you consult with our subject matter expert to fine tune your policies, procedures and practices.
Phase Three: After the workshop, you will continue to work on your documentation. Your SME remains available, offering guidance and advice as needed and standing by to review your documentation. A passing review earns your organization the credential - presented in the form of a badge. Earning a badge for your organization is a statement on your dedication and on your organization’s commitment to build organizational capacity.
We encourage you to include others - staff, volunteers, and board members - from your organization. Participants tell us that when they enroll two or more people, they build relationships and a spirit of teamwork.

Please mark your calendar for the following dates:
Classroom Session 1 (lunch provided): November 2, 2018 9am-3pm
Classroom Session 2 (lunch provided): November 7, 2018 9am– 3pm
Workshop: (no lunch): December 12, 2018 9am – 1pm

Members: $150 for the first person from your organization/ $25 each for every extra attendee from your organization.
Non-members: $300 for the first person from your organization/$75 for additional attendees from your organization
Lunch will be provided for the training classes but not the workshop.
Please note: There will be no refunds one week before the training.