SLC Finance and Legal

Oct 17, 2017 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Nonprofits, by nature, exist to serve the public good. They are obligated to display high levels of ethical behavior, accountability, transparency and compliance with the law. They also effectively manage the financial resources bestowed upon them and upon which they rely to accomplish their mission.

Donors are increasing their scrutiny of nonprofit entities and requiring more accountability in return for their dollars. And with more nonprofits vying for the dollars available, it has never been more critical to have your nonprofit in legal and financial order. This credential will cover these topics:

Ensure your organization meets its legal obligations and understand how to protect donor information, follow donor intent, and provide tax receipts to donors as applicable.
Understand how to create the necessary documentation to show sound financial practices and timely reporting.
Integrate best practices regarding technology and data collection/ retention in regards to personnel information.

Our instructors include Kelly Bryson, Michael Michelson, and Brent Andrewsen.

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