15 March 2018 Published in News & Updates

Yes, we know that all caps means that we are shouting. We are shouting because nonprofit reputations are under attack and we need to be heard.

The threat to the Johnson Amendment is real. Lawmakers are using the Johnson Amendment* as a bargaining chip to pass the omnibus spending bill. They need to pass the bill to avoid a government shutdown.  All people who cherish nonprofit nonpartisanship must tell tell our Senators and Representatives to prevent any extraneous or poison pill riders from being attached to the fiscal year 2018 spending bill.

Nonprofit integrity is at risk. Gutting the Johnson Amendment clears the way for for special interests and politicians to fund billions of untraceable and deductible dollars into campaign contributions - at the expense of our sector's reputation, our missions and the people we serve. 

Harming the long-standing Johnson Amendment hurts all of us. Weakening the Johnson Amendment hurts individuals by taking away the safe sanctuary of houses of worship and charitable nonprofits where people can escape the toxic partisanship that separates our communities. Weakening the Johnson Amendment hurts organizations by forcing them to divert attention from missions to promoting politicians. (This also increases the harm to individuals who will be receiving fewer benefits from that mission-related work.)

Protect the passion you have for your mission and nonprofits everywhere. Take two minutes to call your legislators right now. Their contact information is below.

Tell them
Please help protect the charitable sector. Tell (Senator/Representative name) to oppose any rider to the spending bill that would repeal or weaken the longstanding Johnson Amendment that has helped keep charitable nonprofits both nonpartisan and effective for more than 60 years.

Contact Info for our Utah Senators and Representatives

Senator Mike Lee
Phone: 202.224.5444

Senator Orin Hatch
Phone: 202.224.5251

Rep. Rob Bishop UT 1st
Phone: 202.225.0453

Rep. Chris Stewart UT 2nd
Phone: 202.225.9730

Rep. John Curtis UT 3rd
Phone: 202.225.7751

Rep. Mia Love UT 4th
Phone: 202.225.7751

Don’t know your representative? Find your rep here.

Want or need more information? Look here.

Want to engage further? Try this.

** The Johnson Amendment is longstanding law that protects 501(c)(3) organizations from demands from candidates for public office for endorsements and other partisan activities. Credited with enabling charitable, religious, and philanthropic organizations to be effective, nonpartisan problem solvers in their communities for more than 60 years.