They're Back! Special Interests Want to Destroy Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

02 March 2018 Published in News & Updates

Last year the White House and some well-funded special interests came dangerously close to repealing the longstanding law that protects nonprofit nonpartisanship, the Johnson Amendment. They are back.

The Johnson Amendment protects charitable, religious, and philanthropic organizations from partisan activities. The only thing that stopped these special interests and the White House  was strong and united opposition by Americans who demanded that Congress keep the rancor of partisan political electioneering out of our charities, houses of worship, and foundations. It worked, but... 

We're going to need to stop them again.  Congress will soon be writing an “omnibus spending bill” to fund the government through the rest of the current fiscal year which ends September 30. This bill, which could be the last significant piece of legislation before November’s elections, could become the repository for any number of additions designed to push nonprofit nonpartisanship off a cliff by chipping away at its foundation: the Johnson Amendment.  

Congressional leaders are negotiating right now about what will and will not be in this bill which must be passed by March 23. We need to stop them dead in their tracks from adding language to destroy nonprofit nonpartisanship. We did it before.

Let's do it again. It's simple. We are going to call, tweet, join, engage and succeed! (You will find all the resources you need below.)

Make Calls: Call your representatives and senators. (You will find their phone numbers and other contact information below.) Calling our legislators is the most effective means of advocacy and it’s quick and easy. So let’s make those calls. 

Tell them this:"The vast nonprofit community strongly supports the Johnson Amendment, the longstanding law that protects charitable organizations, houses of worship, and foundations from caustic, partisan politics. We expect you to oppose any attempt to attach a rider to the omnibus spending bill that would repeal or weaken the Johnson Amendment. Nonprofits are counting on the [Representative/Senator] to preserve nonprofit nonpartisanship.”

Tweet: Tweet your Representatives and Senators. Their handles are below. 

This tweet will get you started: ".TwitterHandle No anti-Johnson Amendment rider on the omnibus spending bill. #Nonprofits are effective because they focus on #CommunityNotCandidates. Maintain #JohnsonAmendment" (Be sure to start your tweet with a period before the politician’s handle.) Want to tweet more? Try these for inspiration. 

Make a video of why you support nonprofit nonpartisanship and post it to your nonprofit's website. (We did!  You can watch it below.) Then post another video to UNA's Facebook page. (We did that, too.) 

Join With Like-Minded Nonprofit Advocates.

Add your signature to the over 5,600 organizational signatures on the Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship. This letter calls on Members of Congress to oppose “efforts to weaken and/or repeal the current law (i.e. the Johnson Amendment) that has successfully protected the integrity and effectiveness of charitable nonprofits and foundations by keeping them apart from partisan politics” for over 60 years. To make it easy, you will find PDF's of letters ready to email to our Utah members of congress below.

Invite others To Help Protect Nonprofit Nonpartisanship.

Encourage other like-minded friends, associates and partners to forward this link to others who support nonprofit nonpartisanship.

 Everything You Need to Protect Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

Name and Title: Senator Mike Lee
Phone: 202.224.5444
Twitter: .@senMikeLee 
Letter to Mike Lee


Name and Title: Senator Orin Hatch
Phone: 202.224.5251
Letter to Senator Hatch

Name, Title and District: Rep. Rob Bishop UT 1st

Phone: 202.225.0453
Twitter: .@RebRobBiship
Letter to Representative Bishop


Name, Title and District: Rep. Chris Stewart UT 2nd
Phone: 202.225.9730
Chief of Staff: Christopher Harmer
Chief of Staff
 Letter to Representative Stewart

Name, Title and District: Rep. John Curtis UT 3rd
Phone: 202.225.7751 
Email: Unavailable
Chief of Staff: Corey Norman
Chief of Staff
 Letter to Representative Curtis


Name, Title and District: Rep. Mia Love UT 4th
Phone: 202.225.7751 
Email: Unavailable
Chief of Staff: Ivan DuBois
Chief of Staff Email:
Letter to Representative Love

 Don’t know your representative? Find your rep here.



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