The 2018 Utah State Legislature is in Session

29 January 2018 Published in News & Updates

UNA Unifies, Strengthens , Elevates, and Sustains!  UNA works to create relationships between nonprofits and government. We do this by hosting Nonprofit Day on the Hill, Tracking Legislation, and helping you develop an Advocacy and Civic Engagement program for your organization.

And, if you've seen other bills that impact our sector, please let us know by emailing Kate. (Please include, "Track Legislation," in the subject line of your email.)

Join UNA and our nonporfit community for Nonprofit Day on the Hill. Learn more about the legislation UNA is tracking here. Find out about creating an Advocacy and Civic Engagement program for your nonprofit.

UNA: Together We Strengthen!

UNA: Together We Unify!

UNA: Together We Elevate!

UNA: Together We Sustain!