Thank You! Your Passion Saved the Johnson Amendment

22 December 2017 Published in News & Updates

Thank you for your passion! Although the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is now law, thanks to your efforts, and the efforts of like-minded people across the United States, the Johnson amendment remains unchanged – for now. Our community rallied. Nonprofits reached out to their boards, their networks, and friends and asked them to call their elected officials on behalf of nonprofits – and they did. Our sector - on both state and national levels - joined together to oppose measures that hurt nonprofits and the missions they serve. Nonprofit sector partners, the Council on Foundations, the National Council of Nonprofits (of which UNA is a member), the Charitable Giving Foundation and other organizations coordinated messaging and worked to voice our concerns. We didn’t get everything we hoped for and we still oppose this piece of legislation because of its impact on our missions, but we saved nonprofit nonpartisanship – and that, my friends, is not nothing.

Although we were heard on the Johnson Amendment, provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will be troublesome for nonprofits and their donors. Please contact your tax professionals with questions about how they impact your nonprofit.

We look forward to the New Year and contuniung to advocate on behalf of our sector and our missions!

UNA: Together We Unify!