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04 December 2017 Published in News & Updates

Take Action to Protect Public Trust in America’s Charitable Nonprofits
The House and Senate have passed separate versions of tax reform. The difference between the bills must be negotiated in what’s called a conference committee made up of a dozen or more Representatives and Senators who will be named soon. Help us convince all in Congress, (particularly the "tax conferees") to preserve nonprofit nonpartisanship and to reject any changes to the Johnson Amendment by taking these 4 steps.

STEP 1: Call Your Representatives (phone numbers follow)
Call your representatives (below) and deliver this important message:
“I’m a constituent and I’m calling in opposition to a very harmful provision in the tax bill that would weaken the Johnson Amendment and politicize charitable nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations against our wishes. The harmful provision is Section 5201 of the House-passed tax bill that is now in a conference committee with the Senate. It is imperative that Senator/Representative [NAME] reach out to every member of the conference committee and tell them the Johnson Amendment language in the House bill must be stripped from the final bill. Thank you.”

Senator Hatch at 202.224.5251       
Senator Lee at 202.224.5444 
UT-01 Congressman Rob Bishop: 202-225-0453
UT-02 Congressman Chris Stewart: 202-225-9730
UT-03 Congressman John Curtis: 202-225-7751
UT-04 Congresswoman Mia Love: 202-225-3011

 Send this message as an Action Alert to your board members, employees, volunteers, and the people you serve and encourage them to join you in speaking up to preserve the independence and nonpartisanship of the charitable, religious, and philanthropic sectors. 

Send direct messages to the twitter handles of our elected officials.
Hatch :@SenOrrinHatch
Lee: @SenMikeLee
Bishop: @RepRobBishop
Curtis: (Does not yet have a twitter handle)
Love: @repmialove

Make use of those 280 characters to let them know how politicizing charitable nonprofits would affect your organizations’ ability to serve the community. Include the period at the start to send directly to your elected officials. Here are some sample tweets:
.[Senator/Representative twitter handle] Tell the tax conferees to strip House Sec. 5201 #JohnsonAmendment language from the final #taxreform bill.
.[Senator/Representative twitter handle] Sec. 5201 of the House bill would be damaging to work of #nonprofits. Remove this language in the final #taxreform bill and protect the #JohnsonAmendment.
.[Senator/Representative twitter handle] Let #nonprofits and houses of worship focus on #CommunityNotCandidates. Strip House Sec. 5201 from the final #taxreform bill and keep #JohnsonAmendment in place.

STEP  4:  
Write and send a letter to the editor or op-ed to your local newspaper. Examples of effective messages can be found by reading the op-eds and letters to the editor posted at Be sure to include the names of your Representative and Senators Lee and Hatch and “the Johnson Amendment” in your message – elected officials will definitely see what you have to say because they all use search filters that alert them when their names appear in print.

General Background
Comparison of the House and Senate Tax Bills
Give Voice website (providing history, resources, and links to statementseditorials, and op-eds from across the country)