SOS! Save Our Sector

02 November 2017 Published in News & Updates

Over 13 Billion Reasons to be concerned and to take action: Join UNA in Saving Our Sector from the very real dangers created in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1).  Call your senators and congressperson and tell them that the Senate and House Bills hurts nonprofits and the Utahns they serve.

The Senate version of the tax reform bill, relaesed Thursday, November 9, is as bad for charitable giving as is the House bill. Unless changes are made in the next few days, giving to the work of charitable nonprofits could drop by up to $13.1 billion in contributions annually, under the Senate tax reform proposal.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is the Senate Finance Committee Chair. That makes the voices of Utahns voices especially important.

Take action today! 

Call both of your Senators and your Congressional representative TODAY! (You will find their contact information below.) Let them know you’re a constituent. (Be prepared to give your home address if asked).

Here is what to tell them:   "The House tax bill is a disaster for charitable nonprofits. I ask that my Representative tell colleagues on the House Ways and Means Committee to do two things to help fix it: 1) strike the Johnson Amendment language at Section 5201 from the bill, and 2) add a universal deduction to give a tax incentive to all Americans to give back to their communities."

The House will not have the opportunity to ammend the Bill after it leaves committee. Your Representative needs to tell Ways and Means Committee members to protect nonprofits! 

After you have called you Representatives and delivered this message call three friends or family and ask them to do the same!

A Little Background: Two big ticket issues with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

• Remove the Johnson Amendment language (Section 5201) from the House tax bill. Section 5201 of the House bill would weaken the law that protects 501(c)(3) organizations from demands from candidates for public office and their supporters for endorsements and campaign contributions. Existing law, called the “Johnson Amendment,” has successful protected nonprofits since 1954. Section 5201 would allow churches to endorse candidates, actions that will likely result in massive hidden political spending, religious broadcasters becoming ever more partisan, expansion of corruption in the 501(c)(3) space, exploitation of “sanctuaries” for political gain, the undermining of public trust, and much more.
• Add a Universal deduction for charitable giving to the House tax bill to enable all Americans to get a tax benefit from giving back to the work of nonprofits in their communities. The House tax bill would nearly double the standard deduction and, as a result, shrink down to five percent the number of taxpayers who itemize their charitable deductions – likely shrinking charitable giving too. Ninety-five percent of taxpayers would receive no tax benefit for giving back to their communities. A solution is to allow all taxpayers, including those who take the standard deduction, to take a deduction for their charitable donations.

Senator Orrin Hatch: 202-224-5251
Senator Mike Lee: 202-224-5444
UT-01 Congressman Rob Bishop: 202-225-0453
UT-02 Congressman Chris Stewart: 202-225-9730
UT-03 Congressman-Elect John Curtis: No Number Yet, Check Back after he’s been sworn in
UT-04 Congresswoman Mia Love: 202-225-3011