Year Round Advocacy: Engaging with Elected Officials

07 December 2016 Published in News & Updates

Most nonprofit leaders know the value of engaging your elected officials outside the legislative session. In our busy worlds, how do we make that happen? UNA takes a step to help all Utah 501(c)3’s and inspire you to take a similar step. We send letters to all of Utah’s State Legislators, Governor, Lt. Governor, Congressional Representatives, and to many local representatives to make them aware of our collective community and importantly, we include a list of all 501(c)3’s in their respective districts. As we learned from the local leaders at our SLC Public Policy Forum in November, our busy local leaders need us to reach out to them, to let them know we are active and interested in partnering with government to improve our community.

Congratulating newly elected or re-elected officials is a great segue to introducing your organization, your partnerships, and your work to uplift your community. Below is a list of resources to help you reach out to your Federal, State and Local elected officials and we’ve included the text we used for letters sent to State Legislators that won their recent election.

Find elected officials that represent you:

Need to build your skills in the Public Policy arena?

Text from one of UNA’s recent letters

From the Utah Nonprofits Association, congratulations on winning your election! We are very much looking forward to your tenure and dedication to Utahns at the State Legislature. We know how important your efforts will be on Capitol Hill and we want to extend our support through this letter. We believe in you and your vision for our great state!

We also believe that a strong nonprofit sector is fundamental to healthy communities and a vibrant economy. We work to Unify, Strengthen and Elevate the sector through technical assistance, training, networking events and by evaluating data and reports regarding the impact of public policy. As the umbrella membership organization for hundreds of nonprofits statewide, we formally offer our services and support to you, should you feel it be required.

As a head start, we have enclosed a helpful list of nonprofit organizations located in and serving your legislative district. Please take time to reach out, learn about their services, and discover ways to collaborate and solve challenges in your communities. We hope this knowledge can propel your efforts on Capitol Hill.
Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in setting up a tour of nonprofits serving your community.