UNA Receives Goldman Sachs Grant to Support Refugee NPOs

20 March 2015 Published in News & Updates

Utah Nonprofits Association receives $100,000 from Goldman Sachs Bank USA to Support Nonprofits Serving the Refugee Community

Salt Lake City, UT – Utah Nonprofits Association ("UNA") today announced that it received $100,000 from Goldman Sachs Bank USA to support nonprofits serving the refugee community. Over the past 26 years, over 50,000 refugees from twenty-five countries have settled in Utah; 70% are women or children. The grant will be used to study the services currently being provided to the refugee community. The findings from the study will provide data for decision makers to target resources to the areas of greatest need and assist in identifying collaborative opportunities for those working in this important sector.

Chris Bray, CEO of Utah Nonprofits Association states, "UNA is excited to partner with Goldman Sachs on this refugee services analysis initiative. The Department of Workforce Services has done a great job in identifying, coordinating and supporting many of the organizations working in this area. This project will provide deeper data on services, capacity, and outcomes of over 240 existing programs serving refugees. It will also collect data on the zip code locations of refugees being served, volunteer opportunities, and analyze if there are gaps or duplication of services".

The grant is part of Goldman Sachs' efforts to support community and economic development in the Salt Lake area. John Olson, Vice President and CRA Officer of Goldman Sachs Bank USA, said "We're delighted to partner with Utah Nonprofits Association in this important work. Understanding the needs of Utah's refugee communities and the ways in which they're currently addressed will help inform the work of the whole sector."

The information collected in the study will be made available to the public in a report that will overlay services onto a map of Utah. UNA has begun collecting data and estimates the report will be completed by September 2015.

Utah's Refugee Community: Each year Utah welcomes more than a thousand refugees to our state, providing persecuted people asylum, a safe haven when they are at their most vulnerable and the support to help them recover from their losses and start their lives anew. This fragile and complex population receives assistance that has evolved over the years from a handful of basic services to over 240 programs provided by government entities, educational institutions, religious institutions, and nonprofit organizations according to the Refugee Resource Manual https://jobs.utah.gov/refugee/resources/manual/rsomanual.pdf

Utah Nonprofits Association is the umbrella membership association of nonprofit organizations in Utah, with a mission to unify, strengthen, and elevate Utah's nonprofits. As a neutral entity in the business, government and nonprofit sector, UNA is ideally positioned to partner with Goldman Sachs on this initiative. UNA appreciates the opportunity to work with the Department of Workforce Services, United Way of Salt Lake, University of Utah Masters of Public Administration program, International Rescue Committee, Refugee and Immigrant Center-Asian Association, Catholic Community Services and many others to ensure the success of this project. If you would like more information on this program, please contact UNA at info@utahnonprofits.org

About UNA: The Utah Nonprofits Association works to unify, strengthen and elevate Utah's nonprofit community through networking, professional development, public policy, and providing technical assistance. www.utahnonprofits.org