Nonprofit Sector included in Utah's Economic Report for the first time!

13 January 2015 Published in News & Updates

Utah Nonprofits Association is excited to present our contribution to the 2015 Economic Report to the Governor. This report is collaboration between the David Eccles School of Business and the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. It is the first time that a chapter on the Nonprofit Sector has been included in this report. The Utah Economic Council presented the report to Governor Gary Herbert at the Economic Review at the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center on January 9th. UNA's Public Policy Graduate Assistant Sarah Walter, from the University of Utah and CEO Chris Bray collaboratively wrote the chapter on the economic impact of Utah's nonprofit sector and attended the presentation.

The report highlights employment growth in Utah, lower unemployment rates and the relative strength of Utah's economy compared to that of the National economy. The nonprofit chapter emphasized the growth of the sector, compared Utah's nonprofits to the sector nationwide and highlighted the fact that nonprofits generate revenue equivalent to 9% of Utah's Gross Domestic Product. The chapter also addresses the struggles nonprofits face regarding government contracts and grants, outcome and impact measurement for reporting and the slow growth of revenue after the Great Recession which caused financial stress and instability for many organizations.

Based upon the quality of this year's report, Utah Nonprofits Association has been invited to contribute a chapter annually on the nonprofit sector. UNA hopes that including the Nonprofit Sector in Utah's Economic Report to the Governor will raise the profile of Utah's nonprofits and draw more attention to the important social and economic impacts of nonprofit organizations. These include providing jobs, benefits, and bringing revenue and grant monies into our communities. Attached is a copy of the nonprofit section of the report for your reading pleasure.

2015 ERG Chapter on the Nonprofit Sector

You can download a full copy of Utah's 2015 Economic Report to the Governor at the David Eccles School of Business' Bureau of Economic and Business Research website