Marketing and Communication

What You'll Experience and Learn

You live or die by the effectiveness of your marketing strategy because that is the pathway to awareness and profit. To succeed, you need to shore up your marketing and communications strategy. Marketing and Communications is one of nine courses in the UNA Credential Program designed to provide you with the resources you need to make an even greater impact.

Successful completion of the course will deliver the following to you and your organization

  • Strategies for creating and re-purposing content to drive your readers to action.
  • Information on website optimization for donors, volunteers, and corporate partners. 
  • Ways to tell an effective story that inspires action and supports your goals.
  • A variety of tools to support you in your marketing efforts.
  • Information on how to use social media, blogs, emails, and videos in your organizational marketing strategy.
  • The concept of marketing personas to ensure your marketing material is getting in front of the appropriate audience(s).
  • Ideas on how to use goals to guarantee that your marketing plan is in alignment with the organizational goals.
  • A deep understanding of inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing.
  • How to position yourself as a marketing professional.

What You'll Need (and Want) to Do

This course is highly interactive and relies on the experiences of each participant. Therefore, it's important you are prepared to contribute to the program. Please be ready to:

  • Bring all required materials to each session. If your organization doesn’t have any of the required materials, the facilitator will provide you with samples to use.
  • Complete the follow up activities after each session and bring questions and concerns to the next session.
  • Complete the Badge Requirements by the deadline.

Here's How You Earn the UNA Badge for Marketing and Communications

Successful completion of the Credential in Marketing and Communications requires that your organization submit the following items for review. Once all the items have been submitted, UNA and the Subject Matter Expert will review them. A passing review of all the items earns your organization the UNA Badge in Marketing and Communications and gives you the satisfaction of completing important substantive work.

Marketing Persona 
Provide an example of one marketing persona that represents your ideal supporter based on real data and some educated speculation that you are creating content for.

Editorial Calendar
Provide a copy of your editorial calendar that contains at least the channel, messaging, timing, and author. This can be a 30, 60, 90 day or 1-year calendar

Document when and by whom your website has been most recently reviewed and critiqued. Describe who viewed the review findings and what was done with the information received.

Email Marketing
Provide evidence that you have segmented your email list and have sent at least one email to one of the segments.

Video Marketing
Provide a link to a new (brand, personalized, or event) video that you have posted on social media.

Social Media
Post Examples
Provide (can even be a screen shot of something that you have already posted) an example of 3 types of social posts:

  • Industry post
  • Promotional post
  • A post about your organizations Why vs. What

Social Media Policy
Provide a copy of the organization’s social media policy that directs employees on appropriate use of personal social media as an employee of your organization.

Repurposed Content
Provide an example of where you expanded a piece of content to repurpose it for another channel. This can be a Facebook post expanded to an email or a blog. Or an Instagram post expanded to a Facebook post, etc.

Subject-Matter-Expert: Pearl Wright

Pearl works as a freelance consultant to nonprofit organizations interested in increasing their marketing outcomes. Recently she worked as the Director of Marketing and Communication for CHOICE Humanitarian crating stories to increase donations. As an advocate for social good, Pearl has been involved in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years in the capacity of both staff member and volunteer. Previous to working at CHOICE Pearl was the Executive Director of a STEM education foundation, Funder for Energy Solutions, and Interim Director at UNA.

Pearl holds a Master's of Professional Communication from Westminster College with an emphasis in technical writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Utah.

Pearl is learning to speak Spanish, an avid mountain biker, reader, scuba diver, and global citizen.

  • Course Dates:

    Our next offering for the Credential in Marketing and Communications will be in 2021. Please check  back later. 
    Note: We had previously hoped to offer the Credential in Marketing and Communications in both Moab and in Salt Lake City. In response to the pandemic, we have consolidated these sessions. 
    Training Session -  Part 1: Coming Soon
    Training Session - Part 2: Coming Soon
    Consultations*: Coming Soon

    *Consultations provide you with an opportunity to more deeply integrate the concepts and practices covered in the program. We'll schedule each participating organization for a 45-minute consultation on October 7. (If we have more participating organizations than time slots, we’ll add appointments on October 8.)

  • Cost:

    UNA Members: $150 for the first person/$30 for each additional participant
    Everyone Else: $300 for the first person/$60 for each additional participant

  • Location:

    This course will be provided virtually.