Standards of Ethics

About the Standards of Ethics for Utah's Nonprofits

UNA’s Standards of Ethics is a tool for nonprofits to use to assess policies and practices and their effectiveness in championing ethics and accountability. Affirming ethical standards confirms nonprofits commitment to integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect— and establishes a culture worthy of public confidence and Board and staff loyalty. This commitment fosters a high functioning agency where everyone—staff, leaders, and Board— understand the ethical implications of their conduct and act, intentionally and deliberately, in accordance with the explicit values of the organization. An internal culture where the Board creates, expects, and requires systems and practices that support ethical behavior secures an external reputation that promotes the trust of the community.

Without policies and procedures in place to uphold ethical behavior, decisions made for the organization may not always align with those good intentions. Together, policies and procedures can provide a roadmap for decisions made at all levels of the organization. Providing a fair, predictable, and consistent approach to the management of the nonprofit no matter who is involved.

To help nonprofits ensure policies and procedures encompass best practices with ethics the Standards of Ethics for Utah’s Nonprofit Organizations is a tool to be used to identify areas of success and areas in need of attention. UNA Nonprofit Members are asked to complete this review annually and submit an Affirmation and Resolution. Once submitted members receive a Standards of Ethics icon to showcase their commitment to ethics at their organization.

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