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Tech Impact
Address: 330 West Washington Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
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We are the place nonprofits can call to make sense of anything from large-scale technology projects, to technology maintenance and support. We have partnered with hundreds of nonprofit organizations around the world since 2003, to help each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission and improve outcomes.

Low Cost Assessment and Training Package: UNA Member Pricing $500 plus licensing (regularly $950 plus licensing)

This package will get your nonprofit a basic security audit with recommendations to close gaps that are exposed and provide award-winning cyber security awareness training and testing for users.

  • SecCheck – our expert-guided assessment that evaluates your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance maturity. This is a low-cost offering that connects you with a security advisor who will assist with the assessment and deliver customized recommendations to help move your nonprofit forward.
  • Network Vulnerability Scan - conduct a simulated attack against your nonprofit’s public-facing/external IP addresses assigned to your network. The tests are designed to reveal vulnerabilities in your network’s defenses that could potentially be exploited by a cybercriminal to gain unauthorized access to your organization’s network, resources, or assets, and to leverage them for financial gain.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training – Tech Impact has partnered with KnowBe4 ( to offer discounted Diamond level licensing at $2/user/month (billed monthly in addition to package fee, based on user count). KnowBe4 Diamond licensing allows your organization to test and train users to avoid security threats that are targeted at users. User actions account for almost 80% of all security breaches in nonprofit organizations. This system is the best way to reduce the security gap.

Additional Policy Package - UNA Member Pricing $250 (regularly $500)

This package provides written policies that help your nonprofit improve culture and set expectations for computer use and have a plan to recover from unexpected system outages. Both policies are typically missing or outdated in most nonprofits.

  • Computer Use Policy – using a guided approach, create a computer use policy that meets your organization’s needs including device and data policies. We will solicit your input and use it to produce a Word document that you can use immediately and update when needed.
  • Disaster Recovery Policy – similar to the Computer Use Policy Builder, we will solicit input on your computer environment and data retention needs to produce a Word document that outlines your critical systems and data, with approach to continue operations if those are not accessible, and recovery options in case of data loss.

Full Security Assessment Report - $4000+ (based on requirements and complexity)

Tech Impact can conduct a comprehensive investigation of the threats your organization faces, the resources it needs to protect, and the defenses it currently has in place. We generate recommendations, a road map, and a rough budget for moving from your current security stance to the one that’s right for your organization. Contact us to discuss your organization’s requirements.