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RyTel Hosted
Address: Ste. C, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
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Phone Service & Special Pricing for Non-Profits!

RyTel is already helping several Utah Non Profits benefit from a reliable and flexible phone system while gaining control of their costs and features. Your non-profit organization has unique needs and your phone system should meet those needs. Our solutions enable your organization to work onsite, from home, and on the go so you can maintain your professional identity from anywhere. Texting from your main # is also a unique feature available from RyTel.

In addition to a superior system, our call center features intelligently route callers without hassle and give your managers insight into daily call operations. Thus allowing you to keep up caller experience expectations and handle high call volumes with ease.

Scale effortlessly with a phone system that grows with you. Phone service from RyTel means you can take your phone system anywhere and scale up (or down) in real time.

Learning Your Organization- First, we learn how your non-profit organization operates and how your team collaborates. Then we design a solution that works for you.

Commitment to Those Who Serve Others- We recognize the service your non-profit organization provides. For this reason, we offer a discount to those who qualify.

Our Dedication to Training and Support- We work with you to schedule your installation and training. Above all, our support is there for your non-profit when you need it.

Call us at 801.662.0370 or email at nonprofit@rytelhosted.com to find out how RyTel Hosted can improve your communications while you keep more of those hard-earned donations!!