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It’s a mobile world, but it’s crowded. You need to Get Loud if you want to be heard. Texting with your people cuts through the noise.

With applications that cover Broadcasting, Silent Auctions, Text-to-Donate, Feedback, and P2P Chats, RateNow lets you engage with your people using their own mobile phone and technology they already use - texting.

More than 90% of people keep their mobile phone within three feet, 24 hours a day, and they will read 90% of the text messages they receive within 10 minutes. Whatever it is you want your people to know, text them and they’ll know. Whatever it is you want to know from your people, let them text you and you’ll know. However you want to connect with them for your silent auctions and fundraising, they’ll be aware and engaged.

It's completely simple, it’s got awesome ROI, and it costs $50 per month.