Raise The Bar Benefit Auctions $ Fundraising

Raise The Bar Benefit Auctions $ Fundraising
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We do Seminars on how to setup and run a successful Benefit Auction / Fundraiser, Things like how to organize your committees, How to get more donors to donate items to your cause, or How to setup the Silent Auction, just to name a few.

We do consulting with individual nonprofit groups, to help them with specific areas that they feel that they may be a little weak in, (similar to the seminars, but on a more personal level to address specific concerns of issues.)

We are your Auction Company,  we address your needs for that Big Gala / Auction, or that smaller startup Nonprofit group learning to have fun and make the money to support your cause.  These Services include helping to organize your event, being the Auctioneer, providing a Clerk, or Ringmen, Sound System.