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Manufacturing Consulting Services, Inc.

Manufacturing Consulting Services, Inc.
Address: West Valley City
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We volunteer, up to 10 hours a month across all non-profits, to apply the same strategic operational tool sets that we use to turn around real manufacturing and service firms to make your non-profit operations much more efficient at applying your hard-earned donations more efficiently to produce the good you desire.

MaCS is where the industrial operational improvement tools of Lean Thinking, Six Sigma & Theory of Constraints meet Non-Profits.

No, we are not like other non-profit consulting firms that will help you with everything non-profit. We focus on efficiently delivering your mission with the resources you have & then applying that increased efficiency to justify additional funding.

How DO you achieve mission efficiency?
What stops you?
How consistent are your officers, staff and volunteers at efficiently delivering your mission?
What have you tried to be more efficient?
Have you even considered applying standard, existing, widely-used, industrial-process-improvement tools to your operation?
If you have, do you know how?

Call us, we'll help where we can. It doesn't hurt to open a conversation.
Call or text us at (801) 979-6787.