Columbus Secure Shredding
Columbus Secure Shredding
Address: 3495 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, 84115
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Columbus Secure Shredding (CSS), a non-profit organization under the Columbus Community Center, is a local leader in document destruction and information security services for your organization while providing jobs to persons with disabilities.

Our services include:

Drop-off service:

This is the perfect option for organizations that have years of documents collecting dust that they no longer need. For $0.15 per pound (or a $15.00 minimum) any organization can come down to our location at 3495 S. West Temple between 8:30 and 3:30 to drop off the material and ensure that it is destroyed in our AAA NAID certified facility – no appointment needed! When you arrive, simply check in with our front desk.

Purge Service:

Too many documents for you to bring to our plant? No problem! CSS is happy to make arrangements to send a truck to your location and remove the materials from your location and return them to our secure facility for destruction or destroy them on-site with our mobile shred truck. Give us a call today at 385-715-5393 to receive a quote.

Regularly Scheduled Destruction:

With customers from Ogden to Provo, Tooele to Vernal, CSS is here to ensure that your organization isn’t overrun with documents. We are flexible with our servicing schedule; whether you need it once a week or once every six months, CSS can place you on a regular service schedule to securely remove and destroy your customer’s, client’s, or organization’s sensitive information. We offer plant-based service - where documents are removed from your location and destroyed at our AAA NAID certified plant or mobile service - where a truck comes to your location and we destroy the materials at your location. Call us today at 385-715-5393 to discuss options.

CSR Readiness Pro:

CSS has partnered with CSR Professional Services to provide our customers with data breach prevention and response services. Where CSS ensures that your physical documents are securely destroyed after they leave your office, CSR provides you with the tools you need to have strong data security policies and practices in place to prevent data breaches while the information is still at your location. If you do happen to suffer a physical or digital data breach, CSR is there to handle the leg work of notifying customers and government agencies so that you can use the time to continue running your organization and not lose precious time and resources responding to a data breach. This protection comes at the low rate of $15.99 per month per location and your organization doesn’t have to be receiving document destruction services in order to sign up for this valuable service.

In order to learn more, please visit

To learn more, receive a quote, or to start your service, please visit www.columbusshredding.comor call 385-715-5393. When contacting CSS, please be sure to mention that you are a non-profit organization in order to receive a reduced service rate.