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Dreamers Wish Foundation is a global comprehensive education-centered movement. Our volunteers are equipped to help school-aged KG - k12 children and youth in underprivileged and underserved areas.

Our work, through local partnerships and volunteerism, is to meet the educational needs of children, home and abroad, reinforcing their journey toward educational and personal excellence. We support these future leaders and help facilitate access to necessary educational materials and resources to aid in their success, no matter where they are in the world.

We offer travel abroad programs where volunteers can travel and experience firsthand service opportunities across West Africa. We curate workshops and school refurbishing projects that cater to the imminent needs of the community. Volunteers who travel abroad will be traveling with a small group who will be responsible for teaching children life skills, training teachers in effective methodologies to enhance education in the classrooms, painting old classroom buildings, fixing classroom floors and windows, installing a playground for 600 school children. Our big, bold vision for the future is to Educate, Inspire and Empower children with all the necessary resources they need to succeed in their primary and secondary education. It is our dream to see every school-aged child around the world receive access to all necessary resources to support the provision of quality education. Using the United Nations Sustainable development standard number 4 as our framework, we aim to reduce these figures for all boys and girls to have access to a quality affordable primary and secondary education by 2030.

We plan and organize fundraising campaigns to help in raising the needed funds to accomplish our school refurbishing and classroom projects. Locally, we make efforts to partner in hybrid events with other non-profit organizations towards supporting each other's goals within our scope. We participate in junior achievement events in the carbon, Utah, and salt lake counties. We also participate in after-school programs where feasible amongst the refugee community.

This year our goal is to raise $30 k in donated funds and material support that will allow us to do 5 things.

  1. Install 1 playground for 600 school kids
  2. Install a computer lab with 20 computers, this will be the first-ever and only computer lab in a community with 5000 residents and 3 schools. Presently children are studying IT on chalkboards and paper drawings.
  3. Refurbishing 6 classrooms
  4. Furnishing 1 library with 500 reading books for all ages.
  5. Teaching empowering workshops to girls and boys as well as the teachers.

In the end, we make a donation of backpacks, school supplies, hygiene kits, and shoes to all 600 children because these children lack all these resources. We are determined to do more this year towards improving the living conditions in the classroom for these 600 children.