COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

In response to the incredible feedback we have received, we have created a collection of resources and information to help through this journey. If you know of a resource that is not listed, please email it to Brandy Strand.

We have created separate resource pages on the following topics.

How UNA is responding to the COVID-19 Virus
Operations, HR, and Communications
Finances, Fundraising, and Training
Remote Work, Telecommuting, and Online Meetings
Managing Events and Conferences

Please see below for general resources

The Federal Reserve System - April 2020 Perspectives from Main Street: The Impact of COVID-19 on Communities and the Entities Serving Them

Utah Economic Response Task Force: What the CARES ACT means for Utah

How to prepare and take action for COVID-19: Plan and make decisions now that will protect you, your family, and our communities during the COVID-19 outbreak. Learn what you can do to prepare by using the information below from the Center for Disease Control.

Coronavirus and Stigma: (Printable) Viruses don’t discriminate. Neither should we.

Food for Thought

The Nonprofit Community Confronts the Covid-19 Virus: From the National Council of Nonprofits

A few things for nonprofits and foundations to consider in light of the Coronavirus, Vu Le, Nonprofit AF: The virus reveals several of the weaknesses of our sector and our society, shedding light on things we need to get a better grasp on. Let us use this opportunity to learn and strengthen our work.

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