Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Job Type:
Full Time

Pay Range: 17-20
Organization's Mission: Adults with severe and persistent mental illness in Salt Lake City deserve every opportunity to build self-confidence and self-esteem, reintegrate into their community, become independent and productive members of society and live happy, healthy lives. That’s why Alliance House exists to provide a supportive environment where adults with serious, persistent mental illness (SPMI) can rebuild their self-respect, dignity, and abilities through education, productive work, and meaningful relationships. We do this by helping Members complete educational goals, develop necessary work skills in order to return to productive employment in the community, and where needed, help Members find and secure affordable housing.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: Diversity, inclusion and equity are values that Alliance House embraces in order to lead the development of an economy grounded in meeting the basic needs of all adults living with mental illness, provides a safe environment, and encourages joyful community. It is our belief that such an economy cannot be fully realized if people are excluded from full and fair participation as a result of racism, poverty, discrimination, cultural ignorance, bias or other conditions of exclusion.

Diversity, inclusion and equity values will also guide our communications, events, forums and programs to ensure the authentic presence, participation and perspectives of all communities. In addition, Alliance House is committed to continuous improvement in promoting sustainable diversity, inclusion and equity practices through our board recruitment, Equal Opportunity Employment Policy and other future commitments.
Position Summary: Who we are: Our intentional working community is a non-clinical therapy-through-work program that focuses on helping adults living with mental illness to rehabilitate back into the community. We assist people in living vocationally, meaningful, and socially satisfying lives by returning to work and school, living independently, participating in their community, and developing a social support network.
The basis of Alliance House is our uniquely supportive and collaborative Clubhouse setting where Members and staff work together to operate all aspects of the organization in an atmosphere built on principles of mutual respect and caring.
Who you are: You are an energetic, positive individual with the ability to motivate people. You have highly developed organizational and written and verbal communication skills. You’re able to work as part of a team as well as independently in an upbeat and dynamic environment. You believe recovery for people with mental illness is possible and you believe in the power of community. You have a high tolerance for ambiguity. You are skilled at creating and implementing structure. You’re a self-starter and a creative thinker. You have an encouraging demeanor and can maintain a high level of energy and focus for 8 hours. You have outstanding interpersonal skills. You like to have fun! You preferably have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education, occupational therapy (OTA accepted), voc rehab, social work, the humanities, or a related field.
Primary Responsibilities: What skills you need to do the job: Be consistently upbeat with an energetic attitude, keep spaces and tasks well organized, assess a person’s strengths and challenges, analyze tasks and spaces for barriers to utilization and develop interventions to address them, create systems and procedures for many types of tasks and activities, easily build rapport with people from many different backgrounds, maintain focus in a dynamic environment with many interruptions and distractions, manage competing demands on time, remain relaxed and nonreactive when others are upset, stay alert and positive, coordinate and participate in small and large groups activities. You will also need to stand and move for long periods, document necessary information using pen and paper and/or a computer, drive a 15 passenger van, use a cell phone, utilize and be responsible for a company credit card, use standard office equipment, and use standard kitchen equipment.
What you’ll do on the job: Clubhouse Social Practitioners have generalist roles and share employment, community support, evening/weekend/holiday, and unit responsibilities. Central to this role is the active engagement of Clubhouse members in all aspects of Clubhouse operations.
Staff complete work with members, not for members. They are responsible for planning and coordinating work tasks with small and large groups. Staff also assist members in developing vocational, educational, housing, and socialization goals and objectives. Staff provide training and coverage on transitional employment job placements and contribute to job development efforts.
Periodically staff work in different job settings in the community (e.g. retail, food service, etc.) as a job coach. Staff also provide coverage on a rotating basis for evening, weekend, and holiday social activities.
Desired Qualifications: Other Information
Bachelors Degree
• Valid driver’s license and good driving record required. Due to vehicle insurance requirements, candidates must be at least 25.
• Background check required prior to hire
• Equal opportunity employer
Benefits / Why Work With Us: Fun energetic environment, meaningful and authentic relationships, fast paced.
How to Apply: Indeed
Location: Salt Lake City


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Contact: Paige Huff
Phone: 8014865012