Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Job Type:
Full Time
Part Time
Hybrid (remote and in-person)

Pay Range: $18-30+/hour DOE
Organization's Mission: The Utah Rivers Council is a grassroots organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of Utah’s rivers and sustainable clean water sources for Utah’s people and wildlife.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: The URC believes that the right to affordable water is an essential human right for every person, regardless of ethnicity, income, sexual orientation or preference, or ideology. Our mission enables future generations to access sustainable clean water sources as a right to life. Our work ensures that all residents, especially low-income and working families, have access to clean and affordable water, despite climate change’s impacts to our water supplies and aquatic landscapes.
The URC has been committed to serving diverse communities to ensure that access to clean water supplies are equitable for everyone. We work to represent all people in our campaigns and are particularly sensitive to communities that have not been well-represented in water governance and environmental policies. Whether it was when we protected a 3,000-year-old Native American village on the Jordan River or educated policy makers on the chronic problems of raising water rates 520% on working families to pay for the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline. Our work focuses on how we can keep water affordable for all people.
Since water is essential to human life, and all life on Earth, we work to ensure our programs meet the diverse needs of our communities. We understand that the success of our work is not limited to just one group, but is actually bolstered when diverse groups of people come together.
Creating a coalition of diverse groups is the underlying foundation for success when organizing a grassroots campaign and it is the underpinning of our victories as an organization. Many of the URC past successes can be hung on this belief, including stopping two proposed dams on the Bear River by building a diverse coalition of farmers, hunters, fishermen, environmentalists and Shoshone Nation tribemembers. Water is the common ground between different groups of people, which the URC is proud to represent, at our core, inside and out.
Water has and will always be a priceless resource. So essential to all, but not always accessible to everyone. Water economics has been critical to our work and has laid the groundwork for many of our successes. It is where we have found the biggest disparity in water equity. Property taxes for water subsidize low water rates, usually helping the largest water users abuse this precious resource. Working families suffer from these regressive property taxes and studies demonstrate that lower income residents pay a higher proportion of these taxes than do wealthier residents. For years the URC has worked to phase out these burdensome taxes, running five separate pieces of legislation in attempt to create a fairer water policy for all Utahns. Despite these bills failing to pass, we have led the discussion on phasing out these property taxes to seek equitable solutions for water access for all Utahns.
Taking care of our rivers and streams is synonymous with taking care of each and one another. We understand the importance of creating a system in which every person in the organization is on the same page. We must ensure we practice DEI externally as well as internally, so that all may feel they have an equal opportunity to contribute, helping the organization reach its full potential.
Position Summary: The Utah Rivers Council is looking for a hard-working, adaptable individual with strong organizational skills to help support our conservation advocacy work in the American West. The Utah Rivers Council is a grassroots water advocacy organization that represents the entire economic and political spectrum in our work to implement a sustainable water future and protect cornerstone aquatic landscapes and ecosystems in Utah. The Utah Rivers Council is leading the fight to protect Utah’s precious rivers and lakes through robust advocacy work, and we are looking to expand on our success by adding a behind-the-scenes leader to assist in our fight to save these aquatic jewels.
Primary Responsibilities: The Office Manager works to lead and coordinate administrative activities and address our organizational needs, including an array of communications among staff and the public. Experience in human resources is desired alongside strong organization skills and demonstrated experience in an array of administrative activities from helping to lead hiring efforts and the onboarding of new staff to more mundane tasks like managing inventory. Some customization of the position will be designed based on the skillset and interests of the final applicant.
Desired Qualifications: Minimum qualifications include at least four years paid experience in a professional office setting, preferably in a leadership capacity for either a nonprofit or a business. Preference will be given to applicants with a professional background in environmental nonprofit work and adaptable applicants who can wear many hats in one work week.
Candidates should demonstrate in their application materials that they have a basic working knowledge of the challenges facing Utah’s environmental sector and a willingness to learn more. We encourage you to visit our website,, before applying.
Benefits / Why Work With Us: We strive to maintain a fun, informal work environment where progress and accomplishments are measured by real success and balance and time off are a regular part of work. Our team enjoys working with each other in a setting of respect and support.
How to Apply: To apply, send a resume, cover letter and writing sample to Please state your interest in either part-time or full-time work in your application materials. Please, no phone calls.
Closing Date: Open until filled
Location: Salt Lake City


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Contact: Zachary Frankel
Phone: 801-486-4776