Compensation Type: Annual salary
Job Type:
Full Time

Pay Range: $75,000-$95,000
Organization's Mission: To keep people on top of The Greatest Snow On Earth® by providing avalanche forecasting, education, and awareness throughout the State of Utah.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: The UAC maintains compliance with government regulations, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act. We practice nondiscriminatory hiring practices.
Position Summary: We are currently seeking a passionate individual to join us in the role of Executive Director. The ideal candidate will be a dedicated leader with a proven track record of guiding dynamic, cross-functional teams. Strong written communication skills are a must, along with a deep understanding of avalanche forecasting and education. Experience managing non-profits, building operational budgets, and leading strategic planning sessions are preferred.

This multifaceted role requires a dynamic leader with a strong commitment to the UAC mission, exceptional organizational skills, and the ability to navigate the complex landscape of avalanche forecasting, education, and non-profit management. If you are ready for a challenging yet rewarding opportunity, we encourage you to apply for the Executive Director position at the Utah Avalanche Center.
Primary Responsibilities: A. Avalanche Forecasting, Awareness, and Education Program Management
You will oversee the avalanche awareness and education programs the UAC has developed over the past three decades. As the leader of our organization, you will need the skills (IQ + EQ) to work with various leaders throughout our community, including staff members, government employees, external contractors, and volunteers. Specifically, you will be responsible for
* Co-directing avalanche programs with the USFS
* Enhancing awareness of the UAC within national and international avalanche communities
* Acting as a strategic advisor to the forecasting team
Fostering communication among the Utah Avalanche Center (UAC), other U.S. and Canadian centers, and other entities to work toward the development of excellence in common programs
* Identifying and implementing new program opportunities
* Managing Forest Service contracts and payments

B. Fundraising, Partnership Development, and Image Management
You will work closely with our Development Director to support our fundraising efforts, including
* Ensuring a database of key contacts, partners, donors, and industry leaders is up-to-date and properly managed
* Searching for in-kind donation opportunities to support staff and programs
* Overseeing the management of inventory and monetization of donated goods and services
* Acting as the driving force for “Brand & Image Management” (sell the UAC message) through building relationships with donors and other partners while ensuring the use of image and brand among partners is consistent with UAC values
* Overseeing fundraising events through optimization of event performance; coordinating volunteers; work events; coordinating with outside entities; and performing post-event review, analysis, and reporting
* Actively selling and managing website advertising
* Leading UAC lobbying efforts within the State and counties

C. Strategic Direction and Planning
You will work with the Board of Directors to develop the UAC’s strategic plan, goals, and objectives. You will work with staff to execute the plan, including:
* Creating short-term strategies and tactics to achieve the UAC goals.
* Assisting with individual goal setting and management, tying these goals back to the strategic plan
* Identifying professional development opportunities for the board and staff

D. Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations
You will be responsible for maintaining professional and trustworthy communications from all mediums, including
* Coordinating website construction/maintenance (and other “apps”), making sure such communication to the public is tied to UAC’s mission, vision, goals, and values
* Co-managing website content with a focus on the effective delivery of the educational, forecasting, promotional, and informational components of the website
* Helping get the UAC message into the television and periodical media arena
* Overseeing social media programs
* Managing UAC public relations, particularly through partnership, sponsor, and donor interaction
* Representing UAC at honorary events, legislature, non-profit organization events, etc.
* Presenting a timely summary of UAC activities and noteworthy events to the Board of Directors

E. Financial Accounting, Reporting and Cost Control
You will work with our Board of Directors and the Finance Committee to prepare our annual operating budget and manage all organizational spending to stay within the annual budget. Specific responsibilities include:
* Maintain control over all UAC disbursements and receipts
* Ensure proper filing of all state taxes, forms, and reports, including Department of Workforce Services, Sales Tax, and other organizations.
* Monitor federal tax return preparation
* Approve spending requests within the Budget and seek Board approval for spending requests outside of the Budget in accordance with the Finance Policy.
* Maintain financial accounting records through QuickBooks or other systems approved by the Board
* Analyze financial performance and prepare a monthly financial report to the Board
* Minimize operational costs for the UAC, particularly through close adherence to Budget
* Manage the Quasi-Endowment Fund, including specific fundraising strategies; interaction with investment advisors; recommendations for transfers from FUAC operating funds; and development and overall adherence to endowment fund policies
* Prepare grant budgets and financial reports as required
* Interface with the UAC Board Treasurer and Finance Committee

F. Administrative Duties
In addition to all the strategic initiatives of the organization, you will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization, and duties will include:
* Manage employees, volunteers, subcontractors, and interns (including performance reviews)
* Set up and assist with board meetings
* Manage necessary insurance and develop options for board approval as needed
* Maintain a UAC office inclusive of managing supplies, equipment, and facilities
* Manage assets, including technology and trailers
Desired Qualifications: * B.S. degree with a minimum of 10 years experience in leadership roles
* Avalanche Recreation Level 1 with a solid understanding of general snow science.
* Experience running an organization that has seen recent rapid growth
* Experience creating organizational processes and procedures
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Experience working remotely and independently
* An open and collaborative work style
* Strong computer skills; fluent in Microsoft Office and GSuite; knowledge of CRMs and experience with CiviCRM specifically and QuickBooks is preferred
* Strong project management skills and organizational skills required
Benefits / Why Work With Us: * Paid time off with a generous vacation time allowance
* Retirement plan, including an organizational match
* Health insurance stipend or inclusion in the UAC health insurance program
* Dental and vision insurance options
* Life and disability insurance provided
* Flexible work schedule
* Inclusion in UAC cell phone plan
* Opportunities for continuing education
How to Apply: For application instructions and more details visit
Closing Date: 03/08/2024
Location: Salt Lake City


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Contact: Chad Brackelsberg
Phone: 801-365-5522