Public Policy and Advocacy Strategy

The Utah Nonprofits Association’s (UNA) Public Policy and Advocacy Strategy is a year-round engagement plan that builds a proactive public-policy agenda and stays involved with elected officials. This helps to accurately represent the entire nonprofit sector in Utah and advocate at all levels of government. Our strategy elevates nonprofit advocacy efforts, strengthen organizations, and unifies nonprofits through cooperative action.

Our public policy work:

  1. Promotes a strong nonprofit sector in Utah
  2. Expands public awareness of issues that affect Utah nonprofit organizations
  3. Increases financial support from the public and private sectors
  4. Ensures public policies are inclusive and equitable for Utah’s nonprofits
  5. Builds relationships and enhances communication with UNA members, community leaders, and the public at large

UNA primarily takes positions on issues that have statewide or regional impacts, are broad based in nature, and affect Utah’s nonprofit community at large. UNA evaluates how legislation impacts its mission and whether or not issues are substantially damaging to one constituent group over another. UNA’s position is determined by the UNA public policy committee.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee oversees UNA’s public policy efforts. They collaboratively approve goals, statements and endorsements, with final approval from the UNA board. Together we also formulate responses to important issues and work with elected officials.

UNA’s Public Policy Statement is a guide to nonprofit policy action. It outlines the purpose of our involvement, sets criteria for determining positions on legislative issues, and provides policy procedures for action on issues that affect Utah's nonprofit organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about the Public Policy Committee, contact Collyn Mosquito.

Nonprofit organizations work on a variety of issues within public policy and that are sometimes broad enough to affect most of the nonprofit sector. UNA If your organization would like to apply for UNA's endorsement of your policy action, please do so here. 

Advocacy Essentials

Advocacy Essentials, offered each fall, helps jumpstart your organization’s advocacy by learning the ground rules and basics about advocating on behalf of your organization and those you serve. Together we will cover why nonprofits should be advocate, the difference between advocacy and lobbying, laws and regulations, and the many ways to engage and work with your elected representatives.

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Advocacy and Civic Engagement Credential

Our Credential Program sets the standards for best practices in nonprofit organizations. The Advocacy and Civic Engagement Credential gives you in-depth training from an expert working in the field of advocacy and civic engagement. After this training you will walk away with a year-round plan, ways to remain nonpartisan while conveying your message, strategies for identifying stakeholders, and so much more.

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Lunch and Learn

We offer Lunch and Learn Sessions at the start of the Utah Legislative Session. Don’t do this alone! You have so many people around you who want the same things and will help to you become engaged at all levels of public policy. Bring your lunch and join together to learn what others are working on during the legislative session and share advice about achieving policy and advocacy goals.

Nonprofit Day on the Hill

UNA invites the nonprofit community to join us for a special day, Nonprofit Day on the Hill, during the Utah Legislative Session. The day empowers you to engage your state elected officials in the work your organization does to improve communities around Utah and to advocate on behalf of those communities. You’ll use your time in the capitol to strengthen relationships with elected officials, advocate on behalf of your nonprofit and the community you serve, and gain valuable experience in how the legislature works during the session.

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Legislative Recap

UNA’s Legislative Recap, held annually after the closure of the Utah Legislative Session, provides a unique opportunity to learn about what our peers in the nonprofit community did during the legislative session, the work they accomplished, and the lessons they learned. You will leave with new relationships and a better understanding of how nonprofit advocacy works.

Nonprofits Speak Sessions

UNA Forums, held after the Utah Legislative Session, get you ready for the next session. These facilitated help make your advocacy and policy efforts more effective. Topics are focused on the different audiences that need to be included for a successful advocacy initiative; including civic, state, federal, global, local and believer engagement. During these discussions you will have the opportunity to ask questions, gain insights from others, and build your network.