Public Policy and Advocacy Strategy

The Utah Nonprofits Association’s (UNA) Public Policy and Advocacy Strategy is an organization plan that will guide our efforts to be a voice for all nonprofits in the state and elevate all nonprofit voices. This helps us accurately identify issues and policies that we need to engage our elected officials with, whether on the state or federal level. Our strategy elevates nonprofit advocacy efforts, strengthens organizations, and unifies nonprofits through cooperative action.

Our public policy work:

  1. Promotes a strong nonprofit sector in Utah
  2. Expands public awareness of issues that affect Utah nonprofit organizations
  3. Increases financial support from the public and private sectors
  4. Ensures public policies are inclusive and equitable for all of Utah’s nonprofits
  5. Builds relationships and enhances communication with UNA members, community leaders, and the public at large

A Voice For All Nonprofits

Elevating Nonprofit Voices