Calls to Action

#Relief4Charities Day of Action 

Monday, Sept. 20 

With deadlines for the infrastructure package, reconciliation and the federal budget looming, the nonprofit community must make one last push to ensure it has the resources necessary to support nonprofit jobs and continue to meet the needs of our communities. 

Let’s work together to make some noise and tell our elected leaders in Congress that nonprofits have been here throughout the pandemic, and we want to be able to provide essential community services through the recovery and beyond – but we need their help. Please join us on a #Relief4Charities Day of Action on Monday, Sept. 20 by activating your networks and sending out tweets and emails to your Members of Congress. 

If you are unsure of who your Members of Congress are, click on the links below! 

Below, you can find key messages and sample social media posts your organization can adapt to share. We encourage all organizations to participate on Sept. 20 to generate as much volume on one day as we can, however these messages can be used up until final votes to create action alerts, meeting/phone call talking points, or backgrounders to educate your constituents.


  • Nonprofits have been there for our communities throughout the pandemic. 
  • While demand for their services increased, nonprofits didn’t miss a beat… even when struggling with limited resources and facing challenges of their own. 
  • Across the country, nonprofits ensured families had food on their tables, provided individuals with health care services, helped caregivers get back to work by offering safe and affordable childcare, sheltered those who have been unhoused, provided relief for those impacted by recent hurricanes and so much more. 
  • But support is needed so they can continue to help the nation recover. 
  • The PPP loans that saved millions of nonprofit jobs have run out and donations haven’t bounced back yet - and the Delta variant is causing new financial challenges. 
  • More than 600,000 nonprofit jobs that were lost due to the pandemic haven’t returned yet. 
  • We urge Congress to prioritize the following measures that will support nonprofit jobs and provide the resources needed for nonprofits to meet community recovery needs.  

Sample social media posts: 

  • Nonprofits have been there for our communities throughout the pandemic. We need Congress to pass #Relief4Charities to help us continue to be there for those who need us as the nation recovers!  
  • [Your org] and other nonprofits stepped up during the pandemic to provide: 

 Food for families 

 Safe and affordable child care 

 Shelter for the unhoused 

 Hurricane relief 

 And more! 

Congress, pass #Relief4Charities to help us continue to serve our communities! 


  • We urge Congress to pass #Relief4Charities provisions, including supporting nonprofit jobs, extending the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and encouraging charitable giving! These resources will enable nonprofits to meet community needs as we recover from the pandemic.  

Nonprofit Jobs 


Ask: We ask that Congress pass the “Work Opportunities and Resources to Keep Nonprofit Organizations Well Act,” or WORK NOW Act (S. 740/H.R. 1987), which would infuse $50 billion into the nonprofit community across the country to get people back to work and make sure nonprofits are able to meet the needs of the populations they serve. 

  • Prior to the pandemic, charitable nonprofits employed more than 12 million people, making them the third largest industry in the country – larger than the construction, financial services, and manufacturing industries.  
  • As of August 2021, nearly 565,000 nonprofit jobs have been lost due to the pandemic, creating undue challenges particularly for women and communities of color disproportionately pushed out of the workforce due to no fault of their own as a result of the pandemic.  
  • As of August 2021, the nonprofit workforce remained nearly 565,000 jobs smaller than its estimated pre-pandemic level, leaving employment in the sector 4.5% smaller than it was before the onset of the pandemic. 
  • The sector needs a major infusion of resources to enable organizations to bring back staff and hire additional employees so they can deliver essential services for millions of residents. 

** Note: Source for latest data: 

Sample social media posts: 

  • We urge Congress to pass the WORK NOW Act, which will infuse needed resources into the nonprofit sector, allowing nonprofits to bring back and hire new staff to serve our communities! #Relief4Charities  
  • Nearly 700,000 nonprofit jobs have been lost due to the pandemic. Congress, pass the WORK NOW Act to help nonprofits bring back employees and hire new staff to deliver essential services to our communities! #Relief4Charities 
  •  #DYK charitable nonprofits employed over 12 million people prior to the pandemic? The nonprofit sector is the nation’s third largest industry—and we need Congress’s support for the WORK NOW Act to bring back jobs that were lost due to the pandemic. #Relief4Charities  

Employee Retention Tax Credit

Ask: Specifically, we ask you to prioritize continued and robust support for the ERTC in your committee markups for budget reconciliation by: 

  • Allowing charitable nonprofits to access the ERTC during the Fourth Quarter of 2021; 
  • Extending nonprofit eligibility for the ERTC through 2022 to help ensure a strong economic recovery from the pandemic; and 
  • Amending the definition of nonprofit “gross receipts” for the ERTC program to better reflect revenue available to support nonprofits amid the pandemic.  
  • The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) was extremely helpful, particularly to large nonprofits employing more than 500 employees as they were not initially eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program.  
  • The ERTC is a refundable payroll tax credit for nonprofits and small businesses that was designed to provide a financial incentive for employers to keep employees on their payrolls and continue to deliver important services during the pandemic and in its immediate aftermath.  
  • Since its creation last year, ERTC has become a true lifeline for nonprofit economic viability. Tens of thousands of organizations are now counting on Fourth Quarter 2021 access to ERTC to support the financial decisions they made to bring employees back on the payroll and increase operating capacity to serve their communities. 

Sample social media posts

  • The Employee Retention Tax Credit has been a true lifeline for nonprofits like [your org]. We urge Congress to extend the ERTC to the 4th quarter of 2021 to help nonprofits bring employees back on the payroll and serve our communities. #Relief4Charities  
  • Thousands of nonprofits, including [your org], are counting on the lifeline created in the Employee Retention Tax Credit for the 4th quarter of 2021. Congress, please extend the ERTC for nonprofits to help us bring back staff & provide essential services! #Relief4Charities 
  • Congress, help nonprofits retain and bring back staff by extending the Employee Retention Tax Credit through the end of 2021! The ERTC has been a lifeline for nonprofits, and many are counting on it in the 4th quarter. #Relief4Charities  

Nonprofit Resources 

Universal Charitable Deduction 

Ask: We urge Congress and the Administration to significantly increase the cap on the deduction, extend it at least through 2022, and preserve the itemized charitable contribution deduction, all to ensure that nonprofits can serve their communities. 

  • The CARES Act established a limited, yet important above-the-line deduction that encourages all taxpayers to donate to the work of charitable organizations.  
  • In extending this provision as part of the year-end COVID relief law, Congress acknowledged that tax policy will continue to be an important incentive to help every American support pandemic relief and recovery.  
  • Greater incentives for charitable giving are needed as nonprofits respond to the health and economic crises and will be critical in the future as nonprofits play an essential role in recovery efforts.  
  • Tax reforms must recognize that imposing new limits to existing giving incentives would have the unintended consequence of undermining the charitable sector upon which governments rely and would result in increased costs for governments if they had to replace nonprofit services.  

Sample social media posts

  • Nonprofits stepped up to the challenge to provide essential services through the pandemic. Congress can support our work by extending the above-the-line deduction for charitable gifts created in the CARES Act! #Relief4Charities 
  • Gifts of all sizes help nonprofits like [your org] serve our communities! We’re calling on Congress to support nonprofits by encouraging all taxpayers to donate to the work of charitable organizations and extending the above-the-line charitable deduction. #Relief4Charities 
  • Nonprofits have been there for our communities throughout the pandemic. Congress can help us continue to provide services through the recovery by expanding and extending the universal charitable deduction created in the CARES Act to support charitable giving! #Relief4Charities  

Relief Funds 

Ask: We call on Congress to appropriate funds for emergency grant programs that enable nonprofits to advance their missions of serving communities. 

  • Nonprofits have benefited from both emergency relief grants and state/local funds.  
  • We also stand with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, and National Association of Counties in adamantly opposing any proposal that would repurpose ARPA’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, which were originally authorized for nonprofits among other entities, and which remain urgently needed 

Sample social media posts

  • Nonprofits have benefited greatly from ARPA’s state and local funds. We join our partners at the US Conference of Mayors, @leagueofcities & the National Association of Counties to call for these funds to be used as originally authorized and not repurposed. #Relief4Charities 
  • ARPA’s state and local funds were authorized for nonprofits among other entities and have helped us serve our communities! These funds are still urgently needed, and we are calling on Congress not to repurpose them while communities are still recovering. #Relief4Charities  



Charitable Nonprofits Policy Priorities Letter – Spread the Word 

The coalition’s Charitable Nonprofit Policy Priorities Letter has been updated and now includes more than 1,200 organizations from all 50 states. We are continuing to collect additional signers and will post additional updates as numbers/timing dictate. ACTION ITEM: Please sign onto the letter, if you haven’t done so already, and continue sharing the opportunity with your affiliates, chapters, and members in upcoming communications. 

ERTC Letter to Congress

Three dozen national nonprofits sent a letter to congressional and tax committee leaders on Sept. 1 calling for their support for extending and expanding Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) for nonprofits. ACTION ITEM: Please share this letter in all communications to Representatives and Senators when discussing the ERTC. 

Mayors Resolution in Support of Nonprofit Agenda

The U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted Resolution Number 84 Urging Increased Support for Arts and Cultural Institutions in our Nation's Rebuilding and Recovery. This Resolution calls on Congress to extend the ERTC and enact both the WORK NOW Act and Universal Charitable Deduction, all three core components of our coalition’s recent Charitable Nonprofit Policy Priorities Letter. USCM also sent this letter to Congressional leadership supporting our #Relief4Charities requests.  ACTION ITEM: Please use this endorsement of our agenda by the mayors in communicating with key contacts in the Senate and House.