What is Public Policy?

Public Policy is the set of laws that apply specifically to the public, both as individuals and as organizations. There are different levels of public policy for every level of government: city, state, and federal (national). Each of these can influence how nonprofits work and engage in the community.

How Policy Affects Nonprofits

Non Profit Day 17 089 smallerPolicy can have varying impacts on nonprofit organizations. As new policy is implemented, it becomes the law of the land, meaning that nonprofits are required to abide by that new policy. To a large degree, policy directly impacts what nonprofits are able to do as they strive to improve the community. So often, nonprofits begin as a great idea to do something good. Policy can make it easier or harder to accomplish those goals and missions. To see some examples from this year, take a look at our Track Legislation Page.

How Nonprofits Affect Policy

Non Profit Day 17 009 smallerThere are very few policymakers who actively wish to harm nonprofits. Much of the time, the obstacles we encounter are largely around not knowing all the components of nonprofit governance and operations. Because of this, UNA encourages awareness and active involvement on the part of nonprofits everywhere. By working together, we can help policymakers to make good decisions that will have a positive impact and will allow nonprofits to continue working at their full capacity. To learn what difference you can make and how to make it, check out these resources.