What Difference Can Be Made?

It can be daunting to engage in public policy. After all, each of us is just one person. Can we really have any impact on the world of policy? It seems like the odds are against us, but nonprofits beat the odds every day—from the reach of our impact to the core of our missions. Nonprofits frequently tackle a similar question: “can we really have any impact on the world around us?” When anyone looks at the good that nonprofits do in the community, it’s not hard to imagine that nonprofits can also positively impact policy. The UNA has long been an active advocate on behalf of nonprofits in the state of Utah. Our Public Policy Statement outlines why we get involved and what impact we hope to have. But the reasons why we get involved are inconsequential. The important question is why you should get involved!

Non Profit Day 17 003Make A Difference

There is a great deal you can do by becoming actively engaged in policy. But don't take our word for it! See what others have said!

Public Policy Advocacy: The Case for Nonprofit Engagement

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Stay Informed

One of the hardest aspects of policy work is simply staying up-to-date on everything going on. That’s why we have so many resources to help us. Start by looking at our News and Updates and then check out these other nonprofit news sources.

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There are Answers to Questions

It's common to have questions about what you can do to influence public policy. The answers are out there.

FAQ's: Public Policy and Advocacy