Uniting with Other Nonprofits

Don’t do this alone! You have so many people around you who want the same things and will help to you become engaged at all levels of public policy. Join together with different groups to increase your capacity.

Non Profit Day 17 136 smallerThe first thing you should do is take note of the UNA’s Nonprofit Day on the Hill. It’s a great place to begin to get to know other nonprofits and to help the Utah State Legislature get to know you.

Next, check out Nonprofit VOTE, which helps to rally residents to join in on the effort to help nonprofits.

Finally, there’s two ways to team up with other nonprofits. The more formal option is to build coalitions that work together on specific issues. You can get more info on coalitions here. The more informal method is to coordinate efforts and share successes, exchanging resources, such as through Bolder Advocacy.