Urban Indian Center

08 February 2019

The UICSL, located in the Ballpark district of Salt Lake City, provides medical and behavioral health services and cultural experiences to people from economically challenged American Indian and Alaska Native communities. We are offering the opportunity to serve these communities by serving on our Board of Directors. Board members need not be from these communities but should have a strong interest in improving and expanding services that help improve their lives.

Nonprofit Board Information

  • Board or Committee Title: Board Member
  • Type of Nonprofit: Human Services
  • Address: 120 West 1300 South Salt Lake City, UT
  • Phone Number: 801-486-4877
  • Organization's Mission: The Urban Indian Center serves as a gathering place where people can participate in familiar Native American community activities such as pow wows and sweat, providing a comfort zone for those who are far away from home. Some of the people may need help with finding work or need basic staples of life assistance until they get on their feet. The Urban Indian Center is a place the people can turn to for assistance in health care, mental health care and other needs. The UIC provides services that identify and educate our clients concerning preventive care, wellbeing, enjoyment and encouraging better overall health of life within the Native American community.
  • Organization's Programs and Services: Behavioral health, medical care including diabetic care, youth programs, housing
  • Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement: The Urban Indian Center does not discriminate against anyone and works to ensure equal treatment regardless of race, color, gender, age, ability or religion.
  • Skills & Talents of Ideal Candidate: Experience in law, finance, housing, social services, government administration, behavioral health, medicaid billing or medical services is desired, all applicants will be considered.
  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly
  • Meeting Times: 6-8 pm
  • Meeting Location: 120 W 1300 S Salt Lake City
  • Overall Time Commitment: 3 years
  • Current Number of Board Members: 9
  • Current Number of Board Vacancies: 2
  • What Can this Board Position offer the Applicant?: Board positions offer an opportunity to serve marginalized communities by helping to develop social service programs for those living in urban settings. We provide interaction with Utah leaders, including tribal, government, and social services, involved in working with Native families.
  • Application Process/Instructions: Email board chair Brian Parnell at bparnell@utah.gov to request a board member application. An interview will be scheduled shortly thereafter.
  • Contact for Questions: bparnell@utah.gov