Utah Nonprofits Association

04 September 2018

The Utah Nonprofits Association's mission is to Unify, Strengthen and Elevate nonprofits in Utah. We do this through training, membership benefits and policy and advocate work. We are seeking board member positions for the board of directors.

Nonprofit Board Information

  • Board or Committee Title: Board Member
  • Type of Nonprofit: Other
  • Address: 4900 South Highland Drive, Suite B Salt Lake City, UT 84117
  • Phone Number: 801-596-1800
  • Organization's Mission: To unify, strengthen, and elevate nonprofits in Utah.
  • Organization's Programs and Services: As a membership organization we have three levels of membership: nonprofit, business, and individual. Our nonprofit and individual members have access to our training at a reduced cost and access to our businesses services through our business membership. We run the Nonprofit Organizational Credential (NOC) program. A training program designed to target nine critical areas of sustainability for nonprofit organizations. Our goal with the NOC is to ensure that nonprofit organizations have the tools and training to sustain staff turnover and change at organizations across Utah. We also engage in advocacy for the sector on a state and federal level to assure (hopefully) that legislation that is passed is smart business for nonprofits.
  • Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement: Presently we don't have an official REDI statement. But are working on it! UNA is working to internally to educate Team UNA on the importance on REDI within our team and membership. This education will also occur at the board level. Ultimately we are working to infuse REDI aspects into all of our training sessions so that the REDI lens is available to UNA membership and beyond!
  • Skills & Talents of Ideal Candidate: UNA utilizes a comprehensive skills and attributes metrics. The following attributes, skills, and backgrounds needed: professionals of color, professionals from nonprofit or corporate, and professionals with the following lens - law, government, technology, arts, health, and environment.
  • Meeting Frequency: Board meetings every other month - 3rd Wednesday
  • Meeting Times: 8:00-10:00AM
  • Meeting Location: 4900 South Highland Drive, Suite B (UNA Offices)
  • Overall Time Commitment: 1-3 hours a month depending on projects.
  • Current Number of Board Members: 15
  • Current Number of Board Vacancies: 2
  • What Can this Board Position offer the Applicant?: UNA is a dynamic organization focused on serving it's members. Serving on the board will provide board members with increased awareness of the sector in Utah and an increased knowledge of how UNA serves it's members. We are in the end stages of our strategic plan so board members also have the ability to help craft the vision for our next strategic plan!
  • Application Process/Instructions: Interested board members should follow the link below and download the application form. After filling it out, send the application and resume to Kate (our CEO). Kate will contact interested board members within two weeks of the application and discuss possible next steps.
  • Contact for Questions: Kate Rubalcava, CEO, krubalcava@utahnonprofits.org