UNA Nonprofit Board Connect

The Utah Nonprofits Association is proud to offer a new tool for nonprofit organizations to announce Board of Director and Board Committee vacancies. This recruitment tool is an exclusive benefit for UNA Members.  Member organizations can post listings for free of charge here (UNA member login required).  

Individuals interested in a Board of Directors/Board Committee opening may click on each organizations name or the "Read More..." button to display additional information and instructions on how to apply.  Please note that UNA does not solicit individual resumes and does not have any additional information on the positions listed. All relevant inquiries should be made directly with the organizations with the open positions as listed in the individual postings.

Individuals can also apply to be on state wide boards and committees, to see openings go to https://boards.utah.gov/Board



Camp Hobe' Inc: Board of Directors

03 September 2019

Act locally to make the world a better place! Serve on a nonprofit board for a Utah nonprofit serving kids with cancer and similar disorders. We are seeking social workers, child life specialists, healthcare providers (MD, PA or NP), and lawyers to serve on the board of directors of Camp Hobe'. Check out our posting on LinkedIn to learn more!

Just Utah Coders

30 July 2019

We build software at low or no cost for other nonprofits, Utah's local governments, and the general public.

Specific examples of what we do:
1. Automate Utah's expungements process with software.
2. Build a custom software system for Comunidades Unidas, an (amazing) Utah nonprofit focused on Utah's Latin American community.
3. Write code for world's most used open source hospital and health clinic software (OpenMRS).
4. Provide free text and email reminders to Utah's general public for upcoming court appearances, via the Docket Reminder website.
5. Paid internship program for entry level software bootcamp graduates as a way to break into the software industry.

- Our nonprofit was formed several months ago after a year of volunteer-only work. We now have some funding and employ three software developers.
- No software experience is required for board members. In fact, we might prefer people who bring very different skillsets to our board. We need a board member that can guide us through this first year (and beyond) of being a nonprofit.
- Board members serve for four years.
- The board meets monthly.
- Board members are expected to occasionally meet with all employees and volunteers during our regularly scheduled Tuesday evening meetings in Salt Lake City. We hold this weekly with all employees and a few committed volunteers.
- We need help in the non-software aspects of our nonprofit, including strategy, development, and operations.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

25 July 2019

The Board of UDVC is pleased to announce that we are currently recruiting for up to 3 Board members to join us in the new fiscal year, starting October 1 2019.

Board terms are for three years and we are currently looking for individuals to join us who could support the Coalition and its membership by lending their skills/expertise in the following areas:

  • Fundraising & development
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • DV/SA field
  • and/or could offer knowledge of/represent underserved communities or rural areas of the state.

Additional Information

Please see the link below to download the information packet for more details regarding the commitment required, how to apply and who to contact with questions.

UDVC's Board is a working one and applicants should be prepared to attend a number of meetings and to actively participate in committees/work groups with time sensitive tasks. We encourage all current members to consider if this is the right time for them to stand for election to the Board and/or to share details of this opportunity with colleagues and networks. Board orientation, training and ongoing support are offered. Application deadline & timeline Applications will be accepted from Monday July 22nd through Friday August 16th. All applications will be reviewed by the UDVC's Governance Committee and applicants should expect to hear further by Friday August 23rd. The proposed slate of candidates will be circulated to the membership for consideration no later than 14 days prior to the September 10th UDVC Coalition meeting and AGM when new Board members will be elected. If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Governance Committee, Jana Fulmer on 435-640-7466 or at janacfulmer@gmail.com

Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project - Fundraising and Finance Committee

22 May 2019

We help girls realize and develop their sense of self-worth through preparing and hosting free workshops and classes that focus on raising self worth with an emphasis in our "5 Keys" to healthy self esteem; Personality, Comfort In Your Own Skin, Healthy Living, Good/Bad Friends, and Making Your Mark. We are looking to find members for our Fundraising and Finance Committee.

Women of the World - Board Member

21 May 2019

Since 2009, Women of the World has helped forcibly displaced women make Salt Lake City their home & build community through self-reliance and trust.

Empowering women from all nations to achieve independence, economic success, and a voice in the community.

Women of the World - Board Member

21 May 2019

Since 2009, Women of the World has helped forcibly displaced women make Salt Lake City their home & build community through self-reliance and trust.

Empowering women from all nations to achieve independence, economic success, and a voice in the community.

The Jordan River Foundation - Board of Trustees Member

20 May 2019

Our mission is to provide funding to preserve and enhance life and enjoyment of this community asset known as the Jordan River Parkway.

We support projects for the establishment and maintenance of a public parkway including the development of recreation, water quality, conservation, restoration and wildlife resources.  

We also support education and events for sharing knowledge in order to increase awareness and community experience of this 50-mile plus blue-green natural jewel within the densest urban population of Utah.

Utah Society for Environmental Education - Board Treasurer

01 May 2019

Since 1981 the Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) has encouraged environmental literacy by teaching Utahns how to think, not what to think, about the environment. This small but powerful organization is in need of a Board Treasurer.

As the USEE Board Treasurer you will be instrumental in growing this organization for years to come, helping to solve organizational problems and committing to ensuring children and adults have access to quality environmental education and literacy programs. While Board Members are asked to give a financial contribution that is significant to them, this is a working board. Beyond giving and attendance at meetings, Board Members should be able to contribute their time and talents to making USEE a sustainable organization. To be considered, or for more information, please contact Alex Porpora, director@usee.org.

Board Treasurer Duties

• Attend monthly meetings and the annual Board Retreat
• Spend an average of 6 hours per month on USEE.
• Serve full, active, 3 year terms up to a maximum of 6 years.
• Be active contributors to discussions at meetings.
• Represent the organization positively and enthusiastically to others in the community.
• Actively participate on a minimum of one committee.
• Help as often as possible at larger USEE events, including but not limited to the USEE Conference, Fundraising Events, Outreach Events, etc.
• Directly donate a personally substantial amount to USEE per year.
• Commit to raise an individually decided upon amount of funds for USEE per year.
• Actively engage in fundraising efforts.
• Work with the whole Board on larger issues and financial supervision.
• Be prepared for Board meetings by reviewing previous meeting’s minutes, reviewing committee reports, reviewing financials and agenda, and being prepared for discussion items.
• Be familiar with the USEE Bylaws and attend to other duties as specified by the Bylaws.

American Red Cross - Northern Utah

07 May 2019

A Board Member is a passionate leader who desires to make a positive impact on the community through their engagement in the Red Cross mission. In partnership with the local Executive, a board member will focus outwardly into the community to effectively mobilize support and resources around the Red Cross mission:


  • Serves as the “Face of Red Cross” to maximize Red Cross presence and connectivity in a community
  • Actively develops and grows financial resources to live out the mission
  • Helps support mission delivery by connecting to and building relationships with strategic partners and volunteers
  • Supports and advocates for “One Red Cross,” as appropriate – Disaster, Service to the Armed Forces, Blood, Health and Safety, and International.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. RED CROSS PRESENCE & CONNECTIVITY: In partnership with the Executive, develops and implements strategies to achieve and maintain positive awareness of the Red Cross. Serves as the “Face of the Red Cross” in the community, representing the organization among various stakeholders, including government, community/civic, faith-based, educational, military, political, corporate, etc. Examples: Accept a Red Cross Month proclamation at a city council meeting. Visibly wear Red Cross board member pin. Make a presentation about Red Cross (Rotary, Chamber or other). Post Red Cross involvement on personal social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  2. FUNDRAISING/FRIEND-RAISING: Partners with the Executive to develop and implement fundraising plans and strategies to ensure that revenue targets are achieved in order to deliver essential Red Cross services, locally, nationally and internationally. Engage and leverage their network of personal and professional associates to help achieve revenue targets. Identify, cultivate and steward potential and existing donors of influence and affluence. Actively serve on committee(s) focused on individual, corporate, foundation and/or special event channels. Examples: Make an annual gift to the Board Campaign making Red Cross one of top-3 organizations for personal giving. Reach into individual network to identify new donors for the organization. Help reconnect former donors who have lapsed in giving. Participate on donor visits. Thank donors with handwritten notes and/or phonathons.
  3. MISSION CAPACITY BUILDING: Engage and leverage their network of personal and professional associates to cultivate and steward external partner relationships that create and maintain mission capacity. Support building capacity for service delivery through the effective involvement and engagement of volunteer groups and partners. Help ensure Red Cross represents the diversity of the community served.
  4. AMBASSADOR FOR ONE RED CROSS: Promote visibility/awareness across entire mission as appropriate – disaster, service to armed forces, blood, health and safety, and international. Cultivate and steward external relationships that create and maintain connectedness within the community. Support building capacity for all lines of service delivery through the effective involvement and engagement of volunteers and partners. Examples: Coordinate a presentation or training for their personal workplace or affiliated group. Encourage business, place of worship to conduct a blood drive.