Compensation Type: Annual salary
Job Type:
Full Time
Hybrid (remote and in-person)

Pay Range: $40,000- $46,000
Organization's Mission: Utah AIDS Foundation, through client-driven services, champions sexual health and overall well-being for those living with or at risk for HIV and other STIs.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: Utah AIDS Foundation works to achieve a future where everyone has equitable access to HIV and STI education, prevention, treatment, and care.
Position Summary: Administer all aspects of the Utah AIDS Foundation's HIV/STI prevention programming,
to include targeted outreach programming to reach those at highest risk for HIV infection.
Primary Responsibilities: 1. Develop culturally competent and sex positive HIV/STI education programming to be
implemented statewide.
a. Research, develop, implement, and evaluate accepted HIV/STI prevention methods and
b. Work directly with the Utah Department of Health to provide and implement training
c. Monitor all programming to ensure they help to empower and support clients to have
safe, healthy, and fulfilling sex lives and ownership over their sexual health.
d. Ensure that effective, culturally-competent messages are the foundation of all activities.
e. Evaluate program, activities, and marketing strategies to ensure we are targeting those
at highest risk for infection.
f. Utilize data from evaluations and needs assessments as well as other data sources to
improve program function, targeting, and messaging to reach and change behavior in
the target population(s).
2. Administer all aspects of HIV/STI testing and education programs (Test Site).
a. Maintain volunteer staff to conduct all aspects of HIV/STI testing.
b. Train volunteers to perform all tasks required for HIV/STI testing, including providing HIV
prevention counseling, couples HIV prevention counseling and delivering HIV positive
c. Identify and conduct outreach testing events to reach those at highest-risk for HIV
infection. The HIV/STI Prevention Coordinator will research and select outreach settings
in accordance with Utah’s epidemiologic data to ensure that testing and agency
promotion reaches priority populations.
d. Conduct all activities required to provide partner counseling and referral services for
those who test positive for HIV and/or STIs.
e. Coordinate with county health officials to report disease information, as per local
regulations, and ensure partner counseling and referral services activities are
f. Provide education, assess the need for, and navigate those in need/want of PrEP services
or Syringe Exchange services.
g. Order and maintain appropriate supply inventory.
3. Monitoring and Evaluation
a. Compile demographic data for analysis.
b. Maintain data to substantiate outreach and other services delivered.
c. Enter or oversee the entering of program data, in accordance with contractual
c. Design survey instruments to collect data.
d. Create and submit any required reporting, as outlined per contractual agreements.
e. Prepare and present data at relevant staff, board, and other meetings, as delegated.
f. Create and implement client satisfaction and needs surveys on an annual basis.
a. Create, test and implement assessment tools (surveys, focus groups, etc)
periodically to gain community input and feedback.
b. Analyze results of surveys and focus group data.
8. Assist in program planning and implementation.
a. Take an active role in writing grants related to HIV/STI prevention activities.
b. Develop innovative approaches to improve and expand upon existing programming.
c. Develop and advocate for HIV/STI prevention specific goals and objectives in annual
strategic plan updates.
9. Supervise interns and test-site volunteers
a. In collaboration with the Volunteer Program, train, manage and retain volunteers for
HIV/STI program activities.
b. In cooperation with the Volunteer Program, create position descriptions necessary for
outreach and other program volunteers for effective program function.
c. Train volunteers in appropriate roles and program function.
d. Notify Volunteer Program of any change in a volunteer’s status.
e. Schedule and manage volunteers in outreach programs.
f. Recruit interns on an as needed basis.
g. Provide appropriate and sufficient training to all interns and volunteers and continually
provide updated training to all interns and volunteers with the most current and relevant
information and research.
h. Track and report intern hours on a monthly basis.
i. Develop and maintain a team of volunteers to assist in offering syringe services
10. Attend meetings as requested by the Programming Director such as staff meetings, departmental
meetings, supervision, and other meetings as appropriate.
a. Remain an active participant in the Utah HIV Planning Group (UHPG)
b. Maintain an active role in the UHPG PrEP Subcommittee
c. Remain an active participant in the Utah Syringe Exchange Network (USEN).
11. Other duties as assigned.
Desired Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or equivalent experience in health promotion/education, communication,
social work, or a related field.
2. Public speaking, public relations, oral and written communications, volunteer supervision and
staff teamwork experience.
4. Familiarity of word processing, data entry and computerized communication required.
5. Ability to relate positively and sensitively to persons diverse in lifestyle, age, ethnicity, beliefs,
socio-economic level, sexual orientation and gender identity.
Benefits / Why Work With Us: Generous benefits package, including PTO, holidays etc.
How to Apply: Please email resume and cover letter to our Executive Director, Ahmer Afroz.
Location: 1408 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84105


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Contact: Ahmer Afroz
Phone: 801-487-2323