Job Summary: Summary of Job: Provides recovery training, and outreach and support to adults receiving FACT Team services in the community. Works with adults, providing hope, encouragement, support, self-determination, and connection to the community. Assists in implementing/creating a recovery environment. Acts as an advocate for the needs and rights of every person.
Primary Responsibilities: 1. Assists individuals in developing natural supports and community living by learning multiple roles (friend, spouse, employee, student, etc.) so a greater sense of identity is established.
2. Responsible for delivering instruction to meet a recovery and learning-centered focus.
Desired Qualifications: All clients on the FACT team will have Criminal Justice involvement and Severe Mental Illness. Applicants who have personal and/or professional experience in each of these service areas are preferred.
Certification as a Peer Support Specialist required.
How to Apply: Submit resume to
Compensation Type: Annual salary
Salary/Wage: 35,000
Status: Full Time
Location: Salt Lake County


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Contact Name: Mark Manazer