The Administrator is responsible for the overall operation, management and oversight of the Assisted Living Facility.

Provide oversight according to the Utah State Department of Health Rules and Regulations for Assisted Living Facilities Level II, §R432-270.
Be on the premises a sufficient number of hours in the business day, and at other times as necessary, to manage and administer the facility.
Recruit, employ, and train the number of licensed and unlicensed staff needed to provide services.
Verify all required licenses and permits of staff and consultants at the time of hire or the effective date of contract.
Maintain facility staffing records for the preceding 12 months.Admit and retain only those residents who meet admissions criteria and whose needs can be met by the facility.
Review at least quarterly every injury, accident, and incident to a resident or employee and document appropriate corrective action.
Maintain a log indicating any significant change in a resident's condition and the facility's action or response.
Complete an investigation whenever there is reason to believe that a resident has been subject to abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
Report all suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation in accordance with Section 62A-3-305, and document appropriate action if the alleged violation is verified.
Notify the resident's responsible person within 24 hours of significant changes or deterioration of the resident's health, and ensure the resident's transfer to an appropriate health care facility if the resident requires services beyond the scope of the facility's license.
Conduct and document regular inspections of the facility to ensure it is safe from potential hazards.
Complete, submit, and file all records and reports required by the Department.
Participate in a quality assurance program.
Secure and update contracts for required professional and other services not provided directly by the facility.

21 years of age or older
Knowledge of applicable laws and rules under §R432
Have the ability to deliver or direct the delivery of appropriate care to residents
Successfully complete the DACS criminal background screening process
Complete a Department approved national certification program within six months of hire.
Have one or more of the following:
(a) an associate degree in a health care field
(b) two years or more management experience in a health care field; or
(c) one year's experience in a health care field as a licensed health care professional.
Have one or more of the following:
(a) a State of Utah health facility administrator license;
(b) a bachelor's degree in a health care field, to include management training or one or more years of management experience;
(c) a bachelor's degree in any field, to include management training or one or more years of management experience and one year or more experience in a health care field; or
(d) an associates degree and four years or more management experience in a health care field.
Have experience working with at-risk and homeless populations and compassion for the homeless.
Knowledge of Electronic Record Management Systems (AdvantekCSM a plus).
TB Test and Health Evaluation will be required

Full Time
Location: Salt Lake City


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