Salary: Percentage of Production
Job Description: JOB TITLE: Dentist, Associate Dentist,
Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist

HOURS: As scheduled

ACCOUNTABILITY: (in this order)
Clinic Manager
Executive Director

JOB SUMMARY: 1099 Employee (Dentist)

Responsible for expediting patient treatment with excellent quality care. Works with the Patient Care Coordinators including Dental assistants, and Hygienist to ensure patient flow is consistent, efficient and the patient’s treatment is followed through. All dentists are expected to comply with the mission and philosophy of SLDDS, by providing the best possible short and long term care to minimize future dental expense. Dentist should be aware our patients are below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Dentist must diagnose correctly and offer the best possible care to each patient. Consideration should be given to making sure treatment plans are cost effective if possible. Patients should be treated with the same respect a patient would be treated within a private dental setting.

 Diagnose and provide appropriate dental treatment to patients, including regular cleanings, root canals, surgical extractions, implants and cosmetic dentistry.
 Examine X rays / Radiographs of the teeth, gums, and the jaw and nearby areas for problems, including the monitoring of growth and development of teeth and jaw.
 Remove decay, fill cavities and repair fractured teeth.
 Ensure the safe administration of anesthetics.
 Make models and measurements for dental appliance, such as dentures, to fit patients.
 Educate patients and parents of patients on the need of maintain oral health.
 Consult with patients about dental options to treatment of the mouth and teeth.
 Double check with dental staff for medical concerns with the patient.
 Communicate clearly with dental staff regarding patient treatment and complete and sign all treatment notes.
 Prescribe medications and explain medications, clearly explain diagnoses, treatments and need for additional consultations.
 Supervise the work of professional technical and administrative staff.
 Assist with and give technical oversight to student dentists when they are doing their rotations.
 Make sure patient treatments are charted by assistants BEFORE the patient leaves the chair.
 Provide feedback on how to improve efficiency of patient flow.
 Work with Management team to market clinic and recruit new volunteer dentists.

Dental Skills:

 DDS, DMD required
 Current License in Utah to practice dentistry
 Current DEA License to prescribe medications
 Valid malpractice insurance
 Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time.
 Clinical experience in a dental office preferred
 Passionate about providing care to those in need.
 Dedication to ensuring the highest quality of care to patients
 Excellent communication skills
 Friendly and professional demeanor
 Good manual dexterity and a steady hand
 Ability to concentrate for long periods of time.
 Ability to use specialized equipment.
 Daily Expectations - Dental Assistant
 Arrive on time and maintain a schedule as if in a private dental office. Excessive absenteeism directly affects our patients and will not be tolerated.


 Some work may be required for events, conventions and seminars, but adjustments to the schedule will be made accordingly. Employees are required to have up to date Hepatitis vaccinations and be tested on a regular basis for TB. Employees are expected to wear scrubs as outlined in the uniform policy, eye protection, lab coats, gloves and other safety precautions as specified by OSHA. All 1099 employees are at will employees and can be terminated at any time.

 Aptitudes: Professional appearance and professional verbal/written communication. Ability to organize, work well in both a structured and non-structured environment, attention to detail, able to work without supervision, ability to see what needs to be done and do it, be prompt.
 Temperament: Friendly, independent, dependable, adaptable, able to multi task as well as work calmly in a fast paced environment.
 Flexibility: Be able to work with difficult, perhaps not so helpful, volunteers and be friendly as well as gracious.
Location: Salt Lake City
Status: On going


How to Apply: Please send resume to
Or please Contact Clinic Manager Cindy 801-972-2747 for additional information
Closing Date: 2-28-2019
Your Website: Visit organizational website.