Salary: $13 to $16.00 an hour
Job Description: JOB TITLE: Dental Assistant

HOURS: As scheduled

ACCOUNTABILITY: (in this order)
Clinic Manager
Executive Director

Responsible for expediting patient treatment and maintaining the clinical area as well as assisting dentists with procedures. Works with the Patient Care Coordinators to ensure patient flow is consistent, efficient and the patient’s treatment is followed through. When volunteer dental assistants are scheduled, SLDDS’s dental assistants act as a “runner”. Sterilizes instruments and keeps the operatories stocked.

 Assist dentist with procedures
 Notify volunteer dentist of any medical alerts
 Have patient sign appropriate release forms
 Chart patient treatment BEFORE patient leaves the chair. Include: dentist’s name, assistant’s initial and the recommended treatment for the next visit.
 ESCORT patient to the front desk upon completion of treatment
 Sterilize instruments
 Maintain and clean equipment in clinical area
 Aids in keeping the dentist on his/her time schedule
 Stock all work stations
 Set up for the next day
 Empty all bio-hazard trash
 Work with the clinical team to make extraction packets
 Keep Labs organized, neat and clean
 Communicate with the scheduled Patient Care Coordinators regarding appointments & emergencies
 Work with Donated Program’s Patient Care Coordinator to ensure volunteer dental professionals are leaving at their scheduled times
 Provide feedback on how to improve efficiency of patient flow
 Work with Management team to market clinic and recruit new volunteer dentists
 Clinic “maintenance”
 May be scheduled cross trained for the front desk

Daily Expectations - Dental Assistant
1. Arrive at scheduled time (MUST ALWAYS BE ON TIME!!!!)
2. Monday – Fridays: specific duties as described within job description.
LUNCH - ALL staff are required to clock out & take a lunch; a min of 30 minutes once they have worked 6 hours.
3. Prior to leaving: Finish sterilization
Restock workstations
Completely wipe down workstations including the base of the chairs and the lamps
Set up for the next day
Drain sterilizer
Test cold sterilizer (change as needed)
Pick up large pieces of paper on the floor
Dust counter space
Turn out lights in the clinic area, sterilization & denture lab. Clock out.
1. Get volunteer dentist out on time (RESPECT their time so they will volunteer again!)
2. Point out Medical Alerts
3. Fill charts out completely
4. Escort patients to check out (check the schedule so you know which Patient Care Coordinator to check out with)
5. Fill out RX vouchers completely
6. Oral surgery patients leave with extraction packets.
7. Teamwork & direct communication. Concerns are to be addressed in Staff Meeting.

The clinical staff is expected to leave no later than 30-45 minutes of the dentist unless approval has been obtained from the Office Manager. This is required to be submitted via email. Overtime is not permitted unless it has been approved in advance. Approval for overtime must be approved by the Executive Director and requested via email.

High school diploma or equivalent. Must have the ability to communicate effectively and have knowledge of dental terminology and procedures. Must have familiarity of Dentrix and basic computer skills. Excellent organizational skills required. Spanish speaking ability preferred.

Some weekend work may be required for events, conventions and seminars but adjustments to the schedule will be made accordingly. Employees are required to have up to date Hepatitis vaccinations and be tested on a regular basis for TB. Employee is expected to wear scrubs as outlined in the uniform policy, eye protection, lab coats and other as specified by OSHA.

 Aptitudes: Professional appearance and professional verbal/written communication. Ability to organize, work well in both a structured and non-structured environment, attention to detail, able to work without supervision, ability to see what needs to be done and do it, be prompt, and a knowledge of dental jargon.
 Temperament: Friendly, independent, dependable, adaptable, able to multi task as well as work calmly in a fast paced environment.
 Flexibility: Be able to work with difficult, perhaps not so helpful, volunteers and be friendly as well as gracious.
Location: Salt Lake City
Status: part time


How to Apply: Please send resume to
Closing Date: 1/31/2019
Your Website: Visit organizational website.