Salary: 84084
Job Description: South Valley Services is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide safe shelter and supportive services to anyone experiencing psychological, physical, emotional, economic or sexual abuse at home. Our programs aim to empower individuals and communities to recognize their self-worth and to develop the necessary skills to reach their greatest potential, contributing to the collective wellbeing of our community.
It is the vision of South Valley Services’ mental health program that every man, woman and child live a life free of violence. The clinical program assists all residents of shelter and community members in their efforts to live a life free from violence by providing professional, client-driven clinical services. We recognize that the impact of domestic violence can be far-reaching with individuals, families and children, so we aim to assist clients through the process of healing from abuse by providing emotional support, holistic counseling, and a valuable therapeutic relationship to allow clients to move forward in the life they choose.
Hourly Contracted Position (3 Hours per week depending on Staff Load)
• Applicant must meet requirements for supervision set by DOPL, have earned an M.S.W. degree from a C.S.W.E. accredited school of social work, hold appropriate social work licensure, and have completed two years of post LCSW practice
• Experience in the domestic violence field preferred

Minimum Masters degree in Social Work
Fully licensed from an accredited university, certified by DOPL and 2 years practice post receiving LCSW
$50 per hour
Executive Director/Clinical Director
Clinical staff supervision
-The contractor will provide educational supervision to paid mental health staff focusing on professional concerns related to specific cases as well as administrative tasks. Supervision will aim to help supervisees better understand social work philosophy, become more self-aware, and refine their knowledge and skills. Educational supervision focuses on staff development and the training needs of a social worker to a particular caseload. It includes activities in which the supervisee is guided to learn about assessment, treatment and intervention, identification and resolution of ethical issues, and evaluation and termination of services. The supervisor is required to sign all notes, action plans and treatment plans and document each supervisory session separately.
- The contractor must provide a minimum of one hour per week of individual supervision with each staff member.
Status: Open


How to Apply: If interested please email Vicki North-Southern at
Closing Date: 11/06/2017
Your Website: Visit organizational website.