Job Summary: Job Overview:
Operation AmeriCorps is a national program where community members have the opportunity to serve in local nonprofits for one year helping to eliminate poverty. In return for service, members receive a living allowance and other benefits.

The Spice Kitchen Food Entrepreneur Liaison AmeriCorps position will support participants in the Spice Kitchen Incubator program who require additional time and technical assistance to grow their food businesses. The position will meet with select participants 1-2 times per week to help them reach identified food business goals including increasing access to market opportunities and preparing for market opportunities ensuring high quality cuisine and service is offered. This position will increase Spice Kitchen’s capacity to support participants to attain successful food business outcomes and share their cuisine with Salt Lake. The overall objective is to help entrepreneurs (often women entrepreneurs) who need additional assistance to generate additional income for their families which stabilizes their housing situation and their financial standing overall. The AmeriCorps member will work with all Spice Kitchen team members, and in particular with Spice Kitchen’s Small Business Coordinator and Americorps VISTA.

As an AmeriCorps member the pay, called a “living stipend” is projected to be $18,850 which will be distributed over the period of 12 months, twice per month, until you are no longer in the program.

This is a full time contract and commitment for the course of one year (12 months), with a minimum of 1700 hours of service. Upon successful completion of the contract, minimum hours and satisfactory fulfillment of your one (1) year contract, you would be eligible for an Education award of $6,345. You may use to either further your education or pay on a previously accrued qualifying Federal student loan(s).

Also while serving as an Operation AmeriCorps member, if you have any qualifying Federal Student loans, they will may qualify for forbearance along with any taxes accrued, will be paid by the National Corporation (Trust) at the end of your 12 month contract. The full time position also has Health Care options available through RBI Insurance (subject to eligibility and costs to the member).

This position assists women who are at risk for homelessness in accessing skill-building resources and education towards livable wages. It also works with families to ensure that children have support and access to education thus guarding against intergenerational poverty and provides infrastructure for women to participate in skill building by providing outreach and childcare support.

• Living Stipend of $18,850 split up and distributed over 12 months
• Upon completion of one year (12 months) with a minimum commitment of 1700 hours of service, member is eligible for an Education Award of $6,345 to use for either further education or pay on previously accrued qualifying Federal student loan(s)
• Qualifying Federal Student Loans may be eligible for forbearance
Primary Responsibilities: Major Responsibilities:
• Work with small business coordinator and at-risk entrepreneurs to identify specific goals to achieve business sustainability and growth.
• Work with Americorps Food Business Scale-up VISTA to carry-out research required for entrepreneurs to attain their goals.
• Meet with identified at-risk entrepreneurs 1-2 times per week to review goals and support achieving those goals including identifying market opportunities, assisting participants to apply for opportunities, and prepare for and carry-out the events.
• Assist Spice Kitchen team to carry-out events that feature multiple Spice entrepreneurs and other activities as needed.
• Work with community outreach coordinator to support data collection and to communicate program success stories for newsletter write-ups and program reports.
Desired Qualifications: Job Requirements:
• Clear a full FBI Criminal Background Check
• Must be 21 years of age or older
• High School Diploma or GED. *some or College degree in social services a plus!
• Must be a Legal Resident or Legal Citizen of the United States
• Valid and current Utah Driver's License and Drivers Auto Insurance
• Basic office skills (Typing, Filing, Professional attitude, and etiquette)
• Computer Programs (i.e., Microsoft Office, Google Docs)
• Patience, flexibility and a good sense of humor
• Ability to speak passionately and articulately about our mission
• Professional, friendly and courteous attitude a must
• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
How to Apply: Through website below
Compensation Type: Annual salary
Hourly Wage Minimum: This is a salary position.
Hourly Wage Maximum: This is a salary position.
Salary Minimum: $15,000
Salary Maximum: $20,000
Closing Date: 12/31/2020
Status: Full Time
Location: Salt Lake City


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Contact Name: Neely Evanoff