Job Summary: Excel isn't cutting it! We need help creating and implementing a user-friendly database to track performance measures and report on program outcomes.

Our goal is to capture data points including client demographics, dates of service, referral sources, and more, and to be able to run queries and reports for measures such as many people we served during a specific date range, and the data points for those specific people. We'd also like to know how to create new queries and reports as needed.

This will primarily be a one-time project to get the database up and running and train our staff in it's use; however, we hope to be able to call on you from time to time as needed.
Primary Responsibilities: Work with the Executive Director, Development Director and Program Assistant to gather the data and report formats needed.

Utilize database software that is affordable to a nonprofit (Such a Access - you may know of others).
Desired Qualifications: Extensive knowledge of the database software and experience creating and managing databases.
Benefits / Why Work for Us: You will feel great knowing that you have eliminated one of our biggest pain points - data management and reporting.

Good data helps us raise the money we need to execute our mission of providing end-of-life housing and hospice care to the homeless. Your work will help us ensure that no one dies alone and afraid on the streets of our community.
How to Apply: Please call Kim Correa, Executive Director, at 801-456-4573.

Please note that there are no wages described as this is a volunteer position.
Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Hourly Wage Minimum: This is a salary position.
Hourly Wage Maximum: This is a salary position.
Salary Minimum: This is an hourly wage position.
Salary Maximum: This is an hourly wage position.
Closing Date: When position is filled
Status: Part Time
Location: Home-based


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Contact Name: Kim Correa