Job Summary: The Full-Time Housekeeper is responsible for the continuation of guest services through their primary responsibility of daily cleaning of individual guest rooms, as well as for maintaining the cleanliness and order of the House in which they work, and ensuring the safety and security of residents within the House.
Primary Responsibilities: Cleaning
Ensure the cleanliness and order of the House including all vacant guestrooms, public restrooms, common living spaces, and storage areas, including but not limited to:
 Cleaning and making up guest rooms (daily)
 Washing and folding laundry (daily)
 Emptying kitchen garbage (daily)
 Organizing and maintaining food storage, rotating and disposing of old food
 Stocking kitchen pantries and fridges from storage room and walk-in coolers as directed
 Properly putting away all food from meals (daily)
 Removing any litter on the property (daily)
 Mopping kitchen floor, as needed
 Dusting, vacuuming and organizing common living spaces (daily)
 Cleaning and stocking public restrooms (daily)
 Inventory of house supplies as directed
 Refilling guest room chemicals as needed

Guest Services
Assist in the delivery and continuity of guest services, including but not limited to:
 Ensuring that House guidelines are followed and rules are enforced as needed
 Supervising Community Services workers, housekeeping volunteers, service groups and individuals offering housecleaning, maintenance and/or yard work
 Communicating with house managers and volunteers regarding room availability and guest family needs
 Filling Coke machine in kitchen as directed

Security & Safety
Maintain house security & safety, including but not limited to:
 Ensuring all windows and doors are locked (daily)
 Monitoring against electrical fire and domestic mishaps
 Reporting needed repairs on appliances, furnace, air conditioning, furniture, and other household items

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
 Completing all necessary online and in person trainings and re-trainings as required
 Organizing House storage and keep inventory of contents
 Assisting with placement and removal of holiday decorations
 Preparing a daily summary of shift activities for the Housekeeping Manager, particularly noting any incidents involving police or emergency medical assistance
 Attending department staff meetings, which are held during normal working hours
 Assisting with other related duties as requested by the Housekeeping Manager

Work Environment:
 Most work is conducted in an office or house environment. Must be able to lift 30 pounds, use a ladder, and be able to perform basic cleaning & maintenance
Desired Qualifications: Experience Required:
Requires at least two years of work experience in housekeeping, general home repair, or similar position that involved interaction with the public; experience in a commercial hotel or non-profit group living setting is preferred

Benefits / Why Work for Us: Summary of Benefits for Full Time Employees of RMHC
• Competitive compensation and benefits – formal compensation plan reviewed in 2019
• INSURANCE - Eligibility - 1st of the month following 2 calendar months of employment
o Medical & Dental:
 RMHC cove
How to Apply: Send resume to
Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Salary/Wage: $13.00 per hour plus benefits
Hourly Wage Minimum: $13/hour
Hourly Wage Maximum: $17/hour
Salary Minimum: $25,000
Salary Maximum: $35,000
Closing Date: 10/31/2019
Status: Full Time
Location: Salt Lake City


Organization Website: Visit website
Contact Name: Tonya Morris