Salary: 10.00 per hour
Job Description: Support Staff

Directs the operations of The Haven’s residential treatment program in the absence of the clinical staff, primarily works second shift and weekends. Provides direct client supervision, mentorship, emergency assistance related to medical issues and complete all trainings required by the State of Utah, Joint Commission and The Haven require. This is a non-exempt position which requires you be paid not less than time-and-a-half of your regular pay for the hours over 40 you work in a workweek.
Work Experience: Must be able to work with at risk individuals
Education: Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent, CPR and First Aid Required.
Job Duties:
• Supervise clients and provide mentorship to clients.
• Clearly articulate program rules and expectations to residents
• Fairly and consistently enforce program rules
• Lead recreational and social activities
• Be a positive role model for participants
• Establish good relationships with clients by initiating conversations
• Promote a sense of community by teaching and modeling cooperation, respect, and responsibility in the residential program; encouraging clients to interact with one another and creating opportunities for them to do so
• Facilitate participant problem solving through active listening, guidance, and conflict mediation
• Seek assistance when needed from the clinical staff at The Haven
• Ensure safety at all time
• Helps clients with distribution of over the counter medications or prescribed medications
• Administers Urine Analysis tests as requested by clinical staff
• Provides documentation as needed (ex: Incident reports, shift reports, no suicide/self-harm contracts)
• Supervises clients while on group activities
• Monitors guests that are on the property after business hours and enforce curfew with visitors
• Attend all mandatory trainings and staff meetings
• Have CPR/First Aid Training
• Current Tuberculosis test
Location: Salt Lake City


How to Apply: Please send a resume to
Closing Date: 05/20/2019
Your Website: Visit organizational website.