Salary: $10 an hour
Job Description: Summary:
The Leonardo Visitor Services Facilitator is an essential part of the museum. This person supports the Leo’s Mission by providing visitor-centric customer service that ensures all visitors, clients, and Museum Staff have a pleasurable and memorable experience. The Visitor Services Facilitators enhance the museum experience by helping visitors to engage in The Leonardo’s exhibits, interactives, and tabletop activities, all of which are designed to help our visitors better understand, appreciate, and actively engage in content related to the fusion of science, technology, and art and their impact on humanity. It is hoped that after visiting The Leonardo, our visitors will be inspired to think, act, and be more creative and innovative in their everyday life and, as a result, help to make the world a better place. To this end, the ideal candidate will have amazing customer service skills, will be versatile, enthusiastic about science, technology, design, innovation, and art; love interacting with people of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities; and actively seeking personal growth through continual learning/curiosity, enrichment and participation, problem solving, and creative expression.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The person in this position is a key customer service member of the frontline team, interacting directly with museum visitors on a daily basis.
Actively seeks out opportunities to engage visitors of all ages in an effort to help improve them in experiences that inspire creativity and innovation.
Create friendly, welcoming, and informative first experience for visitors.
General museum facilitation that can include acting as a floater throughout the floor.
Be cross-trained to work in the Gift Shop, Birthdays, Events, and Admissions when needed.
Happy and engaging; enthusiastic about working directly with the public (all ages); actively seek out ways to be helpful in engaging our patrons.
Keep the museum’s public spaces inviting.
Assist with museum-wide activities and content including, but not limited to: geo-cache, scavenger hunts, customized visitor highlights, pre-flights “inspections”, and da Vinci tours.
Maintain a well-informed, working knowledge of the programs, services, products, memberships and special offers available and communicate that information in a style consistent with The Leonardo brand.
Assist in community giving, accessibility programs, and museum tours.
May work some shifts during which alcohol will be consumed by visitors.
Be flexible and willing to help with additional duties and projects as needed.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:
Happy and engaging; enthusiastic about working directly with the public (all ages); actively seek out ways to be helpful in engaging our patrons.
Optimistic, buoyant/resilient, and helpful; maintains a positive attitude and calm demeanor in fast-paced environment; can think on their feet; sees opportunities instead of problems.
Self-motivated; possess a high degree of initiative, integrity, and accuracy; assertive to ensure all museum spaces are presentable and functional for maximum engagement, enjoyment, and inspiration by our patrons.
Dependable and punctual; good time management; is self-motivated to stay on task, to produce high quality work, and to finish tasks completely, correctly, and on time; has an attention to detail; is organized and tidy.
Ability to work some weekends, holidays and some special event hours.
Ability to lift up to 20 pounds.

Training and Experience Requirements:
2 years of related customer service work experience, or a combination of education and experience.
Some background in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) field preferred.
Location: 209 E 500 S Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Status: Part Time/Hourly


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