Salary: 84601
Job Description: Position is part-time for 150-152 days; a typical work week Monday – Thursday with an expectation of no more than 5.5-7 hours per day and occasional 2 hours on Friday or a minimum of 22 hours per week or no more than 29 ½ hours per week depending on the size of the center. For weeks with less than five working days, daily hours only apply.


Assists the cook provide meal services for Mountainland Head Start children, classroom staff, and volunteers following the requirements specified in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), Head Start Performance standards, MHS policies and Procedures, local Health Departments regulations and ensures services support the agency’s school readiness plan.
Promotes the health, nutrition, and education needs of the children and attends to their safety and welfare. Ensures the compliance of all regulatory standards in the preparation, storage, and clean up of meals provided to/by Mountainland Head Start, Inc.


1. Under the direction of the cook, uses cycle menus for breakfast, lunches and snacks. Ensures that menus served are in compliance with CACFP and Head Start guidelines, insuring specific nutritional needs of children are met and that costs are kept within budgetary limitations.

• Completes planned Meal Production sheets and compiles shopping list.
• Shops for lunch and snack foods, supplies and nutrition experiences on a weekly basis and/or receives food deliveries.
• Limits shopping for the purchase of foods necessary to prepare planned meals and nutrition experiences to Friday’s and/or before or after preparation and clean-up times.
• Prepares quantity of food to meet CACFP and Head Start standards.
• Prepare special meals following special meal plans for children that require modifications and/or substitutions.
• Makes food substitutions when needed following the CACFP meal pattern.
• Prepares meals according to the center schedule that has been determined by the Teacher.

2. In conjunction with the cook, assists the teacher in implementing a daily nutrition program to meet Head Start goals:

• Posts menus and advises staff of proposed changes.

• Prepares, delivers and picks up food carts from kitchen to Head Start classroom, as needed.
• Ensures meals are prepared and placed in appropriate serving containers to facilitate serving meals family-style.
• Assists in classroom snack and lunch procedures according to the predetermined class schedule and as needed.
• Supplies food related to nutrition experiences in the classroom; participates upon request of teaching staff, in learning experiences for children related to nutrition
• Occasionally eat meals with the children, assuring eating times are a positive learning and social experience for the children and food is never used as a punishment or a reward.
• Prepares and packs meals for curriculum extender trips as necessary.
• Recruits and trains parent volunteers and substitutes for kitchen duties.
• Encourage parent input in recipes and menus when they visit the classroom.

3. Assists the cook with paper work requirements:

• Submits food orders to the Nutrition Services Coordinator for approval every two weeks.
• Maintains daily records of number of meals served to children and adults, the CACFP menu production worksheets both planned and actual, and cycle menus.
• Maintains copies of special meals plans and documentation of food substitutions made.
• Keep all records pertinent to the Child and Adult Care Food Program, signs bills and submits paperwork to the Nutrition Services Coordinator on the last day of the month.

4. With the cook, maintains entire kitchen to meet sanitation requirements:

• Prepares and store foods in a sanitary manner to meet all health codes.
• Washes and stores all dishes using proper sanitation procedures.
• On a daily basis, cleans and sanitizes the kitchen, stoves, carts, and work surfaces to meet all requirements of the Health Code.
• Once a week, cleans out refrigerator units.

5. Maintains current Food Handlers certification.

• Demonstrates sanitary practices in relation to preparation of food and personal hygiene.

6. Responds to and follows up on Health Department Inspections and internal kitchen site visits.

7. Demonstrates understanding of child abuse/neglect laws. Reports suspected child abuse to the Family & Community Services Director.

8. Collaborates with other service areas to ensure seamless services to children and families and ensures we are staying true to our mission and vision. Attends and participates in staff and parent training sessions, as directed, i.e. pre-service, orientations, correlation meetings, in-service training meetings and other agency activities as required.

9. Supports the achievement of in-kind goals by actively participating in the solicitation of in-kind services and donations to the Head Start program including, but not limited to, encouraging community members and organizational contacts to volunteer, provide donations of professional services, supplies, and anything else needed to support the Head Start program.

10. Expected to provide temporary assistance in the classrooms to meet minimum child to staff ratios, or to ensure the safety of children, in the absence of sufficient Education and Child Development Service Area staff. Staff from any service area working or present at a center when the need arises will be called upon first, with Administrative Office staff being utilized if insufficient staff is present on site.

11. Expected to assist the agency in maintaining safe and healthy environments for children and staff by immediately reporting health and safety risks/concerns or potential concerns to a leadership staff member and/or via our internal work order system and follow up with appropriate staff in not addressed in a timely or appropriate manner.

12. Other job-related duties as assigned may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position.


• Must have a High School Diploma or GED or be willing to enroll in a GED preparation program leading to a GED.


• Knowledge of Basic Food Groups.

• Experience cooking in a food service establishment, cooking for groups, and/or prior experience working with preschool children is preferred.

• Must obtain Food Handler Certificate upon hire if not currently certified.

• Ability to manage multiple tasks and to develop solutions to problems with limited supervision.

• Ability to write and speak the English language in a proficient and professional manner to meet requirements of the job.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, subordinates, community groups, and other related agencies and people.
Location: Provo


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