Salary: $15 an hour
Job Description: Provide operational support through system rebalancing (moving GREENbikes to and from stations to prevent them from becoming full or empty), and perform station and bicycle checks. Will be a general source of communication with users. Occasionally work as a GREENbike representative at special events.

Responsibilities: Rebalance the network of stations using a van to move bikes from station to station to create the optimal number of available docks and bikes. Keep all stations and bikes clean and functioning safely by performing regular inspections and basic maintenance.

Bicycle Redistribution: This includes transporting GREENbikes from stations with too many bicycles to stations with too few bicycles using GREENbike’s cargo van, and occasionally a bicycle. For certain times of day, this will include following a set schedule of priority station needs that is based on patterns of use and demand analysis. This will be done regardless of weather conditions and requires strenuous physical labor.

Bicycle and Station Maintenance: Includes cleaning all the GREENbikes and stations. Responsible for basic bicycle maintenance and up keep of the GREENbike fleet. All maintenance and repairs will be logged in the GREENbike ticketing system using a provided tablet.

Operational Support: Customer service may dispatch on duty technicians to help with customer service needs or with stations or bikes that need immediate attention. For instance, this may include transporting GREENbikes in need of maintenance to the bike shop for repair.

Public Engagement: Because this position handles program equipment located in public places, people will inevitably have questions about the program. Outreach will include answering questions, listening to feedback, responding to problems, and passing any necessary information along to management. May work special events to help promote and inform the public about the program.
Location: Salt Lake City


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Closing Date: 12/4/2017
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