Salary: Commensurate with qualifications
Job Description: The Marketing and Communications Director is responsible for the design and implementation of all marketing efforts, including market research, marketing and advertising campaigns, and ticket and guest services to increase attendance, visibility, and awareness of the Utah Shakespeare Festival locally, regionally, and nationally, serves as a member of the Festival’s executive staff, and leads the communications and marketing team.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Lead and support the Festival’s marketing and communications department.
2. Produce and implement, with Festival communications team, a communications plan, which articulates the Festival’s desired image and position and delineates goals and plans regarding all aspects of branding, sales, marketing, promotion and relations with various publics including industry, legislative, community, media, volunteers, board, company members and guests. This includes establishing a theme and visual identity.
3. Work with Festival’s management team in long-range planning, season selection, season theme development, sales revenue projections, and other projects.
4. Continually evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the marketing and public relations plan and efforts to implement it; then introduce needed action and adjustments that will help the Festival meet established goals including image and ticket sales.
5. Supervise and implement ongoing market research regarding theatre and tourism trends in order to understand and meet the requirements of our guests and potential guests.
6. Develop and implement campaigns for individual and group ticket sales to new and existing audiences.
7. Support the implementation of group sales and packaging efforts at the Festival.
8. Plan, place, and supervise production of all advertising and promotional programs including digital, print, television, radio, web, and outdoors.
9. Supervise and work with the Ticket and Guest Services Manager to ensure a quality customer experience from the time of ticket purchase to when guests are on site. This may include participation in hiring, training, and evaluation.
10. Working closely with the Festival’s Media and Public Relations Manager, serve as the Festival’s representative for familiarization tours, travel shows, conventions, and trade exhibitions throughout the community, state, region, and the United States.
11. Work in cooperation with other departments to create effective and targeted marketing strategies and vehicles to meet departmental objectives.
12. Serve as the marketing and communications department liaison for the Festival Board of Governors.
13. Other duties as assigned.
Location: Cedar City, Utah
Status: Full time


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