Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Job Type:
Full Time

Pay Range: $25.00-$28.00
Organization's Mission: The Community Health Worker (CHW) Section is the professional organization for the CHW Workforce in Utah. The CHW section provides continuing education, public health resources, and networking opportunities for its members. It is the “hub” for Community Health Workers to seek support from each other and to connect with outside partners.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: Wherever practical, all people will be considered in employment or volunteer participation, regardless of ethnicity, race, age, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, economic background/circumstances, physical and/or mental abilities, veteran status, marital status, resident immigration status, and philosophy/religion, or any other discriminatory reason.
The organization is continuing to intentionally increase inclusive practices.
Position Summary: The CHW Section is seeking a Grants Manager to work with our executive team and board in maintaining the financial sustainability and fiscal integrity of the organization. The grant manager is primarily responsible for overseeing the current grant awards, including providing grant reports, monitoring grant spending, ensuring invoices are sent, and ensuring grant activities are carried out.
Additionally, this position will proactively identify and explore federal, state, and local government grant opportunities for community health workers’ training and capacity building. Upon securing grants, this Grants Manager shall oversee a grants’ schedule; report data to current grantors; send progress reports, and ensure compliance with grant regulations. Alongside the CHW Coordinator, the Grants Manager will build relationships with health and community foundations; execute an annual fundraising campaign to support CHWs, and train staff and CHWs in grant reporting and deliverables.
The ideal candidate for this role should have superior organizational skills, exceptional writing and communication skills, great leadership qualities, experience in grant writing and grant monitoring, and experience in budgeting. This is a time limited position and will end in May of 2023.
Primary Responsibilities: Develop and oversee an annual grant schedule
Oversee grant activities and ensure grant activities are carried out
Evaluate grant activities and ensure grant reports are completed and turned into funder
Assist with managing bookkeeping
Build and strengthen relationships with potential and existing funders from local foundations and healthcare partners
Train CHWs and community based organizations on grant reporting requirements
Coordinate with UPHA leadership to ensure funding requirements are me
Coordinate fund raising activities for UPHA CHW Section
To perform ad hoc duties as required
Desired Qualifications: Education:

Bachelor’s degree preferably in Public Health, Nonprofit Management, Business, Accounting or relevant education experience

Knowledge, skills and abilities:
A strong knowledge of non-profit grant funding best practices, public-private partnerships, basic administrative duties, and networking techniques
Some understanding of community health workers, community organizing or engagement, public health and/or equity-focused community-based organizations. Comfortable in building and maintaining relationships in diverse communities across Utah
Willing to be adaptable and flexible while also maintaining strong organizational skills
Excellent Communication and writing skills, project management, and budgeting skills
Proficient in Excel and basic database software for grant tracking and reporting

Relevant Experience:
At least 2 years of experience, preferably in nonprofit grant, fundraising, development, or contract management. However, experience in accounting for small businesses or nonprofits would also be sufficient.
Preferred Experience (paid or unpaid) working in the community or familiar with community organizing principles
Benefits / Why Work With Us: Hourly Rate: $25 - $28/hour depending on experience
Benefits: 10 Paid holidays, Health, Vision & Dental insurance, PTO
How to Apply: Please submit a resume, cover letter outlining your interest, skills, and experience for this position by September 26, 2021 to
Closing Date: September 26, 2021
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah


Organization Website: Visit website
Contact: Carrie Butler
Phone: 801-347-6739