Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Job Type:
Part Time

Pay Range: 15.00
Organization's Mission: The mission of the Utah Nonprofits Association is to Unify, Strengthen, and Elevate the nonprofits in Utah.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: UNA Shared Values and Statements
Here at UNA we are committed to creating purposeful and intentional spaces for nonprofits in our state. Team UNA is committed to the following values and statements.

Inclusivity: We welcome all nonprofits by being nondiscriminatory, nonpartisan, and physically and digitally accessible.

Learning: We keep an active, open mind and demonstrate a willingness to explore new experiences and concepts; we seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Community: We build community that values people over things and supports nonprofits, the people of Utah, and its resources.

Integrity: We are accountable and strive to be truthful and transparent as we respectfully serve our community.

Humility: We recognize and celebrate the wealth of knowledge in our communities and seek solutions that work for everyone, while understanding our limited capacity and the important of reflection.
Position Summary: About UNA

The mission of the Utah Nonprofits Association is to Unify, Strengthen, and Elevate the nonprofits in Utah. Since 1990, UNA has worked to provide training, public policy and advocacy, and membership benefit offerings to its members. At present UNA has approximately 577 nonprofit members, 63 business members, and 61 individual members. UNA is a 501c(3) nonprofit charity with a diverse revenue model, an engaged and active board of directors, and a strong and vibrant nonprofit community.

Synopsis of the Position

The Advocacy Coalition Coordinator is responsible for mobilizing a statewide coalition to advocate on behalf of nonprofits at the local, state, and federal level. The person in this position will work collaboratively with all UNA staff to assure a member centered perspective is at the forefront with our advocacy and public policy initiatives. This person will also play a key role in analyzing and distributing nonprofit data to all critical stakeholders which can include elected officials, nonprofit staff and boards, and national partners.
Primary Responsibilities: Outline of Basic Responsibilities:

Lead UNA’s statewide Nonprofit Advocacy Coalition.
Regularly revise UNA’s policy & advocacy agenda to meet the needs of the broader nonprofit sector and develop a strategy to accomplish the policy & advocacy agenda.
Communicate effectively, written and in person, with a broad spectrum of stakeholders on the impact and needs of nonprofits while also communicating the importance of nonprofits. Know who the ‘key players’ and stakeholders are and how to contact them.
Serve as staff lead in the authoring and research of the Nonprofit Section of the Governor’s Economic Report.
Research and then effectively tell the story of the impact that nonprofits have in Utah.
Track Federal and State Bills through a nonprofit lens.
Communicate the impact Bills and Legislation have in a way that most can easily digest.
Run successful Call to Action campaigns that are easy, meaningful, and personal to the nonprofit sector.
Communicate the process of how Bills become laws.
Understand and connect the impact municipal government has on nonprofits across the state.
Support CEO in their role to advance nonprofit appropriate public policy.

Member Support
Build relationships with our members. Learn about what their advocacy needs are and where they are excelling in their advocacy efforts.
Design advocacy tools and communications to meet the needs of our members.
Create pathways for nonprofits to engage in advocacy efforts that are mission focused.
Support and prepare members to testify, if needed, during legislative and congressional sessions.

Additional Responsibilities for all UNA staff:
Support UNA Members and Prospects by answering questions, maintaining data, supporting the planning and execution of UNA events, (including training, networking and other events) and supporting the alignment of UNA programs and membership events
Remain current with UNA policies and procedures
Offer ideas for improvement or change in all operational areas
Attend UNA events on and off site
Attend and participate in UNA staff and tactical meetings
Assist with social media as designated in the communications plan for the UNA
Perform all work in a culturally responsive manner consistent with UNA’s mission and vision
Support the implementation of UNA’s strategic plan
Work with committees as designated by the UNA CEO
Support communications staff by providing programmatic content to newsletters as requested
Support operations staff by providing event details in accordance with established procedures so that database and website can be updated accordingly.
Other duties as assigned
Desired Qualifications: Qualifications and Skills Requested
UNA is a small, productive, collegial staff. The successful candidate must possess the skills necessary to thrive in a small office-environment, work independently, and adapt to change.
2 or more years of related experience.
Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
Excellent computer and technical skills. Microsoft programs required, database a plus. Ability to learn new software quickly, comfort with technology.
Excellent customer service skills; outgoing and pleasant; ability to adapt to changes in environment and customer needs
Attention to detail
Ability to attend to details while understanding larger picture and themes.
Must pass a background check.
Benefits / Why Work With Us: Hours: This position is part time hourly (20 hours per week) during the hours of 9:00-5:00PM. While the hours and days are flexible, Monday mornings are required. From time to time, this person may be expected to attend UNA after-hours off-site events with an adjustment to the regular work schedule.

Location: UNA is a remote workforce and employees are expected to work from home. The team does gather in person on occasion for team building activities.

Salary and Benefits: $15.00 per hour, paid vacation and holidays, 3% matched retirement plan, telehealth, $50 monthly internet stipend, and flexible schedule

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Culture: UNA has a small but mighty team. Each person on the team manages multiple responsibilities and tasks at any given time which adds to a level of complexity to our work. However, UNA offers a supportive, flexible, open and inclusive work environment where the entire team has the ability to impact the nonprofit sector in a positive way. We promote work-life balance through practice and we encourage and offer professional development opportunities.
How to Apply: No calls please. Fill out the application which will include including a resume.
Closing Date: 15.00
Location: Remote


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Contact: Kate Rubalcava
Phone: 801-596-1800